Torrent downloading 101 – how to correctly and safely download movies, music, software and more for free!

Torrent downloading 101 - how to correctly and safely download movies

If you want to know how to download torrents safely and securely so you don't get extortion letters from scumbag attorneys then you NEED to read this...

I keep hearing almost on a daily basis about people getting threatening extortion letters (and yes they are 100% extortion) or threats of lawsuits because their ip address was captured while they were downloading movie torrents in a public forum.  This has got to stop because it is getting ridiculous.  there is absolutely no reason for someone to get caught pirating or downloading torrents online nowadays.

With the advent of low cost VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) like Torrent Privacy that literally create a tunnel between your computer and the downloading source that prying eyes cannot see there shouldn’t be any way for these scumbag, bottom feeding attorneys like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver to get your ip address.

A few of these VPN’s give a anonymous bittorrent client so that you are completely 100% anonymous.  This means that there’s actually no way that anyone knows you’re downloading anything.  Most of the VPNs out there are still quite confusing as you have to configure it to work with your system and then you have to manually set up and run the anonymous bittorrent  client each time you want to download anything.

That is just too painstaking and too easy to forget something and get caught.  but now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  TorrentPrivacy has made an all in one install that is so easy that if you know how to turn on your computer you can use it.  And they’ve also lowered their price down to around $10/ month.

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So, you get iron clad anonymity and security plus they have the highest download speeds.  This is something that is very important because a lot of the other VPN services are so slow that to download a movie like the Hurt Locker, Far Cry, the Expendables, Avatar or similar could take weeks with most VPN’s.  But with Torrent Privacy you are usually looking at a few hours.

So, to correctly and safely download movie and other torrents you need to make sure you are 100% anonymous on the Internet.  If you can’t do this one step you need to not be downloading at all else you will be on the receiving end of an extortion letter demanding $3,000 or so from some scumbag, bottom feeding law firm like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver.   Once you have a VPN setup you can then download from any torrent website anonymously.

Download torrents safely and anonymously with the best VPN!

Use a VPN that is easy to use and offers a anonymous bittorrent client like Torrent Privacy.  Then you can download to your hearts content and there is nothing the copyright owners or their scumbag lawyers can do about it.  So, get with the program.  Get TorrentPrivacy or a similar VPN and download safely.

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