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Town Tavern Review – this hole in the wall bar in Charlotte NC really has a lot to offer

I had a great time at Town Tavern in downtown Charlotte.

It was Saturday night and I was looking to go out in downtown Charlotte for a few drinks with my friends. We didn’t really have a plan as to where we wanted to go, we just decided to wing it. So we all got dressed and piled into the car to head to downtown Charlotte.

We made our way down Tryon Street looking for a bar that had a lot going on. It was about 11 o’clock by this time, so things were still a little slow. We decided to stop at this tiny bar on the way called Town Tavern. We didn’t intend for this to be our final destination, but just to get a buzz going before we headed to another bar or club.

We sat down and ordered a couple beers and talked amongst ourselves at the bar. They had a pretty good shot special that they advertised everyday, 5 dollar Jager Bombs. 5 dollars isn’t necessarily a cheap shot, but when you go out in downtown Charlotte 5 dollars isn’t too bad. So I ordered a round of shots for us all.

As we continued to drink Town Tavern got pretty busy. About 11:45 the place really filled up and started to get pretty good. We decided to get up from the bar and mingle a bit amongst the larger growing crowd. We decided that we were just going to stay here for now unless things got bad.

Town Tavern ended up being the best place we could have found. The place was packed the whole night, with good music by DJ Mike Money. I also got to request a few songs I wanted to hear too. It was a very nice luxury that you don’t get at most bars downtown.

The only complaint I really had about the place was the bathroom lines. The bathrooms were only for one person so the lines really backed up pretty badly. It was a 20 minute excursion if you just wanted to pee. It was a bit ridiculous, and annoying. This experience was comparable to waiting in line at Boardwalk Billy’s in the University area of Charlotte.

I would definitely recommend Town Tavern as a place to go out in downtown Charlotte. I had a really good time, and they had some decent drink specials. The music was good and the crowds there were decent. I am actually considering taking a date there for a few drinks next weekend.

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