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Toy Story 3 movie review – this sequel movie is better than Toy Story 1 and 2!

Toy Story 3 childrens movie review
I watched Toy Story 3 with the kids and they loved it!

I watched the movie Toy Story 3 with my kids today. This sequel to the Toy Story series is bar far the best yet. I think the beginning of the movie is hilarious as there is a runaway train full of orphans (little bright haired dolls) that Woody has to save before they plunge over the tracks into the ravine.

The villain in this scenario is the evil Dr. Pork Chop. and he seals Woody’s fate with an atomic bomb of little plastic monkeys. But this is not the entire movie and it is just the beginning of a play scenario between the toys. Then you find out that Andy is all grown up and getting ready to go off to college.

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The toys are worried that they will be discarded and by accident they almost are. Andy puts his toys in a plastic garbage bag and was then going to put them in the attic, but his mother sees the garbage bag laying on the floor and thinks it’s trash and puts it out to the curb. Woody helps to get the toys out of this predicament before the garbage truck can pick them up, but the damage is already done as the toys are convinced they are being discarded anyway.

So the toys get in a box that is going to the local daycare for donations. They figure that at the daycare center they will be played with and taken care of and cherished forever by the young children there. At first, they meet Lotso Huggin’ bear whom is the leader of the toys at the day care center, and they think things will be great. But once the children come in from recess they find out that they are put in the room with the youngest and hardest playing children – the ones that break and destroy toys.

They soon find out this room (the caterpillar room) that there in is a toy’s worst nightmare. And they are virtually trapped in this room until Woody returns to save them. But it isn’t that easy to escape from the day care center and the Caterpillar room. There are many obstacles and hurdles to get through including Lotso’s muscle – Big Baby and the Monkey (the eyes in the sky).

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They really want all our in creating this movie and giving it more of a plot and more action than in any other previous Toy Story movie. The kids absolutely loved this movie and have already asked me to watch it again. The best part is that it was free. Since I have Torrent Privacy VPN I can download movie torrents like Toy Story 3 for free and there’s absolutely nothing anyone (like the lawyers at Dunlap Grubb and Weaver) can do about it.

If you haven’t watched Toy Story 3 as of yet, then you need to. It is the best of the Toy Story series and you will definitely like it.

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