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Toyota of North Charlotte car dealership review – a very bad service experience!

Toyota of North Charlotte car dealership review
I took my car into Toyota of North Charlotte to have a routine service done and they broke my headlight and refused to fix it!

My Toyota Camry was due for a routine service and this time, rather than taking it to the usual car dealership down there on South Boulevard (Town and Country Toyota), I decided to take my car to the Toyota dealership in Huntersville North Carolina – Toyota of North Charlotte. This car dealership is actually closer I found out by looking up the distances from my house on Google maps.

So I figured I’d give this other car dealership which is apparently much newer a try. Toyota of North Charlotte is located on Statesville road on the left. I figured I’d go there early so they would have plenty of time to get my car in and service it. Other than the required service there was nothing wrong with my car. The check engine light wasn’t on and the car was in terrific shape – I baby my Camry.

The staff at Toyota of North Charlotte seemed to be polite and knowledgable. They took some information from me on my car and then took my keys and then told me to wait inside. So while I was waiting I decided to walk around the new car showroom and see the new Toyota models like the new Camry – I wondered what they had changed on it for this year.

As I got to the showroom I was met by salesperson that was extremely pushy and very aggressive and animated. This sales person was borderline crazy and seemed to be like a crack addict. I felt better when they found someone else whom was probably an easier mark or sale to go and bug. He didn’t say goodbye or give me a card or anything. He just walked off mid sentence and went on to the other customer.

That salesperson was crazy, rude and possibly even dangerous. I have no idea why any car dealership would hire someone like that. But I guess crack addicts need a job too. So anyway, after a few hours the service advisor came to get me and told me that my car was done. I went and paid the bill and then went out to my car. Unfortunately, something was wrong or amiss with my car – the driver’s side headlight was broken.

My car’s headlights were in great shape and there was nothing wrong with them prior to coming into the Toyota of North Charlotte car dealership for a routine service. As I mentioned previously I take great care of my cars and I completely baby my Camry. Upon seeing the broken headlight (the plastic lens was broken and had a jagged hole in it) I walked right back in to see the service advisor and tell him that obviously this happened while my car was in their care and they needed to fix it.

The service advisor told me that that could not possibly have happened while I was there at the car dealership. He told me the damage looked old and he said he remembered noticing that when I drove in to get my car serviced. I was livid. That was a complete lie. obviously he was trying to cover up something that occurred in their service department while they were doing a routine maintenance on my car.

When he told me that they were not going to fix my car I asked to speak to his boss. I ended up speaking to several people including a Mr. Carter whom I guess was the manager of the service bay area. Every single one of these people told me that my car came in with this damage to begin with. That is not true and a complete lie. Regardless of what I said and the fact that anyone with half a brain could look at the headlight lens and tell that that was a fresh hole by looking at the edges of the plastic.

I know that my headlight lenses were in brand-new shape and had nothing wrong with them when I went into that Toyota car dealership for service. No matter what I said these people would not take care of or fix the problem that they created somehow in their service bays. I do not like being lied to and so I will never be returning to Toyota of North Charlotte for service for my Camry or anything ever again.

Let this complaint serve as my statement and testimony that this is a terrible car dealership. They lie to their customers and don’t fix problems that they cause. I will also tell all my friends and everyone that I know to avoid this Toyota car dealership in Huntersville NC.

2 thoughts on “Toyota of North Charlotte car dealership review – a very bad service experience!

  1. Toyota of North Charlotte sucks. They tried to scam me into paying sticker price on a new car. They thought I was stupid because I am a single mother. I left and went elsewhere. They are a very dishonest car dealership and I would avoid them completely!

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