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Trader Joes chicken burrito review – a great tasting snack!

Here’s another great and really cheap item from Trader Joe’s that I love. The Trader Joe’s chicken burritos. You get two per package and they are really moist and tasty. I prefer them to the slightly more expensive steak burritos (the chicken burritos are $1.69 whereas the steak burritos run $1.99). Both are a great price and taste everybit as good as the ones you can buy from Azteca on Woodlawn Bilvd. here in Charlotte, NC.

Trader Joes chicken burrito

It only takes a few minutes to cook the burritos in the microwave. Just be sure and remove the plastic wrapper and cover with a paper towel to keep the interior of your microwave clean (if you don’t it could splatter and get burrito sauce all over the inside of your microwave.

Trader Joes chicken burrito pic 2

Once cooked set them out to cool a little. They will be very hot when you remove them from the microwave and can easily burn the roof of your mouth – I have accidentally done this when I wasn’t thinking – so, be careful. I also like to cut them up with a sharp knife prior to eating and then mix them around. This way there are no dry burrito parts.

Trader Joes chicken burrito pic 3

The pictures show the burritos cut up and ready to eat. Sometimes when I am feeling a craving for cheese I will sprinkle on some cheese of whatever I can find in the fridge. 4 cheese pizza mix or a similar Mexican equivalent that comes pre-shredded works best in my opinion. I sometimes also add a little hot sauce or a cut up habanero pepper to add a little heat (I only use a very tiny portion of the habanero as it is a very hot pepper and I advise caution when handling very hot peppers).

Trader Joes chicken burrito pic 4

Any way you eat it the chicken burritos from Trader Joe’s are awesome and the price just can’t be beat!

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