Trader Joe’s chicken quesadillas review – an easy and yummy treat or meal!

I went to Trader Joe’s here in Charlotte North Carolina (off Mallard Creek Road) just the other day and found a new great snack that I want to share with everyone here on Screaming Reviews – the Trader Joe’s chicken quesadillas. These can be found in the frozen items isle in the middle of the store. It comes in a little brown box and there are 2 quesadillas per package. The instructions are right on the package and it only requires 3 minutes or so in the microwave.


chicken quesadillas


The instructions state to flip the quesadillas halfway through cooking them, but I guess it depends on the type of microwave you have. Mine doesn’t require that when I cook one by itself. If I cook 2 at the same time I tend to get a cold spot in the middle. Either way I prefer to cut them up and reheat for another 30 seconds or so. This way the cheese is all melted and it’s all fresh and hot.

Trader joes chicken quesadillas picture 2


Below is a picture of one cut up just the way I like it. And they are really tasty and good. Loaded with corn, beans and chicken they taste every bit as good, if not better then the ones at fine local Mexican restaurants like Azteca, Monterrey or Zapata’s for less then half the cost. I highly recommend this tasty snake which only costs a few dollars and can be found in the frozen foods isle at Trader Joe’s.


Trader joes chicken quesadillas picture 3


Trader Joe’s is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for healthy groceries (less then half the price of similar items at the Fresh Market in Ballantyne).

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