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TruGreen chemical lawn treatment review – TruGreen ruined my lawn!

TruGreen chemical lawn treatment review
TruGreen ruined my lawn and made it all yellow and brown! They literally killed my lawn!

My neighbors used TruGreen and had a nice lawn in the spring so I decided to use TruGreen also so I could have a nice, green lawn also. I called TruGreen and they were happy to come out to my house and treat my lawn. My lawn wasn’t that bad but I wanted it to have fewer weeds and to look like my neighbors green lawn.

The TruGreen guy did several treatments to my lawn both front and backover the next few months and guess what happened? My lawn started to turn yellow and brown. It developed dead patches and started to look completely burned out. By the time July came I and my neighbor both had some of the worst looking lawns in our neighborhood!

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How could that be? We were each paying for this chemical lawn service from TruGreen was supposed to give us green, healthy looking lawns and make us stand out from our neighbors. Instead we ended up with terrible looking lawns full of dead grass, holes, brown patches and weeds – yes, even though TruGreen treats weeds, we had weeds and more then I had prior to using TruGreen.

By the end of July I told TruGreen they suck and stopped using their services. They still came out after that and treated my lawn anyway and sent me a bill for that unwanted treatment. I know that is wrong and I will fight them over that in small claims court. I can’t believe that when someone tells them they no longer want their service they still proceed to do their lousy chemical lawn treatment and bill for it.

I have since decided I will take care of my own lawn myself for now on as I know my lawn never looked as bad as it did with the TruGreen chemical lawn treatment. TruGreen made my Long look diseased. I will go back to treating my lawn the way I always have – naturally. Every spring I put a layer of top soil and soil amendment on my lawn and then I have it aerated to mix it into the soil.

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Then I seed and fertalize with Lesco weed and feed from Home Depot (works far better then TruGreen and lasts for several months – most of the time I only have to apply it once a year). This always results in a very nice and natural looking lawn. It never looks anywhere’s near as bad as the lawn TruGreen gave me – that was just crazy.

Then to top it off TruGreen came by and treated my lawn after I told them not to and billed me for it. I don’t want TruGreen to ever touch my lawn again in the future.

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