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TruGreen lawn care and service review – TruGreen signed me up for renewing annual contract without my permission!!

TruGreen lawn care and service review
I just got signed up for a yearly contract with TruGreen without my permission!

I hired the TruGreen lawn care service company here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2009 to treat my lawn for weeds (I had lots of dandelions and clover in my lawn that I wanted gone and I got tired of self treating my lawn).  They were nice and treated my lawn.  They said it was on a per service basis and that there wasn’t a contract.

Tru Green
2123 N Towne Lane Northeast
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
(319) 395-0100

Originally they tried to get me to sign a contract, but I reneged and wouldn’t sign one.  They didn’t want to lose my business so they offered it to me on a per treatment basis.  It went like that until this year when they came out with out me ever calling them and they treated my lawn and left a bill attached to my front door.

I didn’t like this as I hadn’t called them this time.  I had lost my job last year and money was running tight in my family.  I was already having to do without some things and this added expense of having the lawn treated I just couldn’t afford right now.  What really got me irate was the fact that the TruGreen people came out and treated my lawn without my permission and then billed me for it.

So, I called them to find out what was going on – maybe they made a mistake in my case.  That could be, but that wasn’t the case.  What I found out was that they had switched me to a yearly contract.  I never signed anything agreeing to a yearly contract.  They said they were no longer doing treatments outside of a contract or on a per treatment basis (like they had been doing with me for years).

I told them that I had recently lost my job and I couldn’t afford their treatments.  I also found out that their rates increased and the rude employee I talked to said that I had to pay for that treatment and all other treatments for the next year or my account would get sent to collections.  How is it legal for a company to behave in this manner?

The folks at TruGreen signed me up for a yearly contract without my permission and now they were enforcing this contract that I never agreed to or ever signed.  How can a company do this?  I have since made numerous calls to TruGreen to get this fixed and I also asked them to send me a copy of this “agreement” or contract that they signed me up for.  I specifically wanted to see where I agreed to this contract.

To this date I have received nothing from TruGreen except for past due notices, letters threatening that my account was going to be sent to collections and my credit hurt.  This can’t possibly be legal and this is no way to treat a customer or to try and push business on someone.  I am going to send a complaint about this to my state attorney general.  Maybe they can clear this up for me. Until then I advise everyone stay away from this crazy company that signs people up for contracts without their consent.

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