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Truliant Credit Union Complaint – their employees are clueless

Truliant Credit Union has terrible customer service

I recently started a small business and wanted to get a bank account started. I had seen a few commercials for Truliant Credit Union, and decided to see what they had to offer. I was hopeful they could provide me with a great banking service for my new business.

So I went to the branch right down the street from my house to go set up my account. I walked in and approached the teller at the counter. He told me that I needed to speak with the man standing at the counter near the front to start a new account.

I approached the man and started speaking with him about starting up a business account. The man was African American, and had heavy Nigerian accent. I had a hard time talking to him, and had to ask him to repeat himself many times because I could not understand what he was saying. It was obvious he was becoming frustrated, but so was I.

You would think Truliant Credit Union would put employees at the service counter that could be understood. However, I could not fault the man at the desk, he was doing his best. It was just a bit aggravating.

I decided it was something I wanted to do and gave him my EIN number for my business, and the other information he needed to get things started. He seemed a bit confused once I gave him all my information. It looked like he didn’t really know what he was doing.

He had to run to the back room a few times, I’m assuming to ask the manager a question about what to do. I was a little troubled that I gave this man all my personal information, and he wasn’t sure how to properly open an account. I just hope he wasn’t being careless with it. I would hate for someone to see my social security number, and try to steal my identity.

After what seemed to take an hour to set up a simple business account he said I was all set. I gave him the information I wanted written on my checks, and I was told I would receive them in about a week, along with a debit card. I thanked him, and he gave me some starter checks to get me by until then.

A week went by and I still hadn’t heard from the bank, nor received my check or debit card. I was in the neighborhood so I stopped by Truliant Credit Union to check on their status. The same man was working and recognized me. He addressed me by name and I asked him to check on the status. He told me that the checks were mailed and should be there any day. However, this part was a bit troubling in my eyes. He said I had not applied for a debit card.

Now I know that is something I would not have forgotten to apply for. What was more troubling was what happened to the information I gave him for that card? I told him I distinctly remember filling out the paperwork to have a debit card on this account. He told me he had no record of it, and there was nothing he could do. He offered to set me up for one there but I declined. I left a bit angry.

A few days later I got a call from a strange number on my home phone. It was a woman on the phone telling me that she had my checkbook from Truliant Credit Union for my business. I was very grateful that she was nice enough to return it to me without abusing my new account. I met up with her later that day to retrieve the checkbook.

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Right after I got it I marched down to Truliant Credit Union to find out what was going on there. The same idiot was at the counter and I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I told him about what happened, and he apologized for the mix up.

I asked “how do you put down the wrong mailing address to mail out something so important?” The man defended himself and said the system must have got your address mixed up with somebody else’s. I didn’t buy it. I asked to speak with the manager. However he wasn’t of very much help either.

The manager kept defending his employee saying that it wasn’t his fault for the debit card situation and the address fiasco. When you are selling a product isn’t the customer always supposed to be right? I was very disappointed in their customer service. They obviously have some incompetent employees there. Those aren’t people I want handling my money. I closed my account there and tried Wachovia instead.

The woman at Wachovia set my account up right away and the whole process took no longer than 20 minutes. Shocking considering Truliant Credit Union took over an hour to set up an account for me. To this day I think there was some funny business going on there. I am keeping a close watch on my credit score, and all my accounts. I would hate to have someone steal my identity due to carelessness, and lack on competence by Truliant Credit Union. I will never bank with them ever again.

3 thoughts on “Truliant Credit Union Complaint – their employees are clueless

  1. wow thats terrible. Sounds like there is some funny business going on there. I’ll make sure I never go there to open an account.

    1. Hi,

      At least there were African Americans in the branch. Every time I go to Truliant they are always hiring new employees anyway…. As soon as I get used to one employee, they are gone and being replaced by other employees. I was waiting in line and two of the tellers were talking about another employee, and their manager getting so drunk her husband had to carry her away from the bar when they all went out one weekend. Another Truliant I went to there was a man that talked so ugly to one of the employees, when I asked for his information to file a complaint, I found out the guy was not only the manager, but the District Manager!!!I could not beleive he was working in customer service. I do not have an account at the bank,I just make payments to my landlords account for my rent,but I can assure you that I will never invest my money in that institution.

      1. Truliant is acting much worse than a bank. I had an issue with the fees they tack on for rejecting a transaction, and I was met with contempt and discrimination. I am filing with the Justice of the Peace for a civil case against them. Nobody has the right to act the way the management does at Truilant. I am speaking of the existing management of the Hanes Mall area corporate branch

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