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Tuesday Morning retail store review – Good deals, interesting discount store.

Tuesday Morning retail store review
I went to the Tuesday Morning store today for the first time and found it to be a great source for basically half off brand name goods.

Even though I live within 2 miles of the Tuesday Morning retail store nearest me, I had never ventured there until today. Over the years my wife had told me that it was a nice store full of all kinds of stuff at great deals. It was where a role to have mine had bought a real nice Thomas the Train train set at for about half of the cost at the toy store Toys R Us.

My wife had gone to this Tuesday Morning store on Harris Blvd. here in North Charlotte, NC several times and said it had a huge area of kitchen and cooking goods that was comparable to the cooking isle at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. She wasn’t kidding it was probably the size of the kitchen isle in several Marshals and T.J. Maxx stores. there is a whole long huge I’ll fool of scented candles, lotions, body creams, oils and more.

And Tuesday Morning had a huge section for toys for boys and girls of all ages. And there was a lot of name brand items like tons of Samsonite suitcases and travel bags. These were really nice suitcases and travel bags. there was even outdoor goods, lawn ornaments, and even some furniture for the home.

It was a complete haberdashery of just about anything you could think of in retail products from clothes to CDs to linens and more. When you first walk in the store it actually looks more reminiscent of a Kmart or Family Dollar store, but the prices are far better. I ended up buying a really nice precision pruner for gardening in the spring and summer. I grow my own vegetables like tomatoes and squash and a good pair of trimming prunes was something I needed.

I am one of those people that is always looking for a good deal. I saw several nice pairs of small precision pruning and thinning pruners at Home Depot and Lowes. The price range for the ones that I was looking at was around $12-$15. The pair I found at Tuesday Morning was actually nicer, more comfortable and only cost me $2.99! The price sticker on the pruners said $6.99 retail price, $4.99 sale price and our price (the Tuesday Morning price) $2.99.

Overall I am very pleased with the store, the vast selection of merchandise and the prices at Tuesday Morning. The only disappointments I had was things weren’t as neatly ordered as they are in some other discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They were playing some annoying music over their sound system while I was there and the bathroom was locked the whole time I was there – my son had to go to the bathroom and so we ended up leaving early to find a nearby store with a bathroom he could use.

The only other thing that disappointed me was the fact that the main item I went into Tuesday Morning and heard over the internet that they had at great prices – the Aerogarden portable hydroponic system – was not there. I had been looking for one of these Aerogardens for a while now and wanted one to grow tomatoes and other vegetables indoors during the cold months. I looked all over the store for it and could not find one. I asked the clerk at the front and she said they didn’t have any.

But those things are all very minor. I liked the discount retail store Tuesday Morning and will definitely be back again when I have more time.

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