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U.S. government take down of Megaupload page 2

They stop it from coming in from Mexico and it comes in from Canada. It also comes in from foreign dignitaries that visit here every day. Now just like with drugs you have people downloading and copying movies, music, software and more illegally. the problem here is they’ve been doing this since the earliest days of the computer with bulletin boards and BBS’s.

So, the FBI shut down and it’s owner Kim Dotcom. In the time it took them to do that 5,000 other similar websites just went online. Not only that, but the number of movies, games, software and other torrents and copyrighted goods being downloaded skyrocketed. Then to make matters worse, what the government did now is force millions of people that didn’t know the correct ways to download and pirate copyrighted goods to learn what really works and how to download without getting caught.

They are forcing them to learn about VPNs and how to make themselves completely invisible on the Internet. This is like shooting yourself in the foot. The government may have caught one of the loudest and showiest people in the downloading craze with Kim Dotcom, but they’ve now basically ensured the creation of a much smarter group of downloaders and pirates.

I can tell you right now just from my websites that I own alone and from looking at search terms on Google’s external keyword tool that there are over 100 people per second looking and searching for how to safely download movies. That is a massive 1000% or more increase in traffic for those specific and related search queries. That only came about after Kim Dotcom’s arrest and the takeover of

In other words you can clearly see that this did nothing to stop pirating. Just like the busts in the past or the lawsuits against Napster and other file-sharing websites and services. What you’re going to see in the near future is more and more pirates will be going deep undercover. They will be getting easy to use and cheap VPNs and then they will become completely invisible to everyone.

Already today the majority of internet pirates (if you want to call them that) are using VPNs. With a good VPN there is nothing anyone can do about it because they cannot see what you are downloading or even if you’re online. You become a virtual ghost.

For those that don’t know, a VPN is a virtual private network that creates a basic funnel between your computer and someone else’s computer that no one can see or read the highly encrypted data flowing between the two. And it would cost the US government far too much money to tap the CIA and their code crackers to try and decipher messages being sent across VPNs by possible torrent download pirates. That just isn’t going to happen.

What your want to see now is a flood of people going out and getting a VPN service for $10 or so per month and then downloading to their hearts content because they can’t get caught with a good, solid VPN. I use a VPN for business stuff – I have to as my competition has hired a hacker numerous times to hack my computers. In the past before I had a VPN they would hack my computer’s and get my login and passwords for my websites and then hide and stuff keywords and other black hat tactics that Google hates and will heavily penalize your website for in my websites.

By using a VPN I completely shut them out. No need to worry about hackers anymore. I don’t use a VPN for downloading movies or anything like that, but, what I’m saying here still applies as there is no better protection for torrent downloaders or pirates then to use a good VPN. All the governments done now is basically drive the Pirates to knew and better technologies.

And to top it off, I am 100% against their misuse and abuse of the laws to violate people’s constitutional rights. Especially the right to a fair trial and the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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