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U.S. government takedown of – is it legal, is it right and what are the implications?

U.S. government takedown of - is it legal, is it right and what are the implications
I think the U.S. government and FBI made a huge mistake with - read and see for yourself!

If you’ve been watching the news lately then I’m sure you know about the highly publicized take down of the website Apparently at the same time frame as when numerous websites and people on the Internet were protesting the proposed SOPA legislation the US government decided to shut down and take over They also arrested numerous people involved with the website.

According to the website they charged numerous people with some very serious crimes like conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering, criminal copyright infringement and more. What’s weird and groundbreaking here is the trial hasn’t even started yet and they all ready took over the websites and shut them down.

Now in case you didn’t know, was used by individuals and businesses for all sorts of purposes. Mostly to host files which other people could then access. there are both legal and illegal uses of this uploading and downloading. The government (FBI) didn’t care and just shut it down anyway. Aren’t we the country were you are innocent until proven guilty?

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I don’t see that going on here at all. What you have here is a clear case of the government abusing its powers. may have encouraged users to upload popular files and more with cash payments, but they were no Napster. They did not host copyrighted files like movies and music for others to download. they just created a platform for others to use.

What you have here is a serious problem. The government is wanting to stretch their powers and authority and take away the rights of citizens and others. This is why the government manufactures tragedies like 9/11 (yes, its a fact the U.S. government killed its own people to get the Patriot Act passed among other things) and other similar black and false flag operations.

You also have the government caving in to special interests once again. The RIAA and other pro copyright owner organizations have done a great job lobbying Washington DC and spreading money everywhere and for that they get favors which may even break the law as in this case. Clearly the US government should not be able to shut down the website until after this has gone to trial and after a judge in giving the defendants a chance to defend themselves has convicted them.

clearly this was a misuse of powers by an idiot judge and a US District Court. Now, I want you to understand I’m not for or against pirating of music and movies or other items. But what you’re going to see is that this will become another failed policy that will spend billions of dollars and waste tons of tax payer dollars.

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Just look at the drug wars. That is a battle we clearly have lost and will continue to lose for as long as the idiots in Congress, the House of Representatives and the White House continue to fight the war on drugs by making drugs illegal. When you make anything illegal you create a black market for it. Especially with drugs which can be highly addictive.

The price goes up, the profit margins multiply and you will have all sorts of nefarious individuals including gangs, drug lords, corrupt politicians and more making sure they get a piece of the pie. They have spent billions of dollars bolstering the DEA and local law enforcement along the borders of Mexico and elsewhere and yet the price and availability of drugs ever were clearly shows that they are losing this battle.

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