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Uh oh – prosecutor Angela Corey seems to be coaching witnesses in the Trayvon Martin – Zimmerman case to recount their testimonies and lie!

For a while it was all we would hear about – the Trayvon Martin killing and how Zimmerman killed him. The original prosecutor stepped down and a special prosecutor was appointed – Angela Corey. It has appeared from the start that she was on a mission, and she even said this herself several times, to get justice for Trayvon Martin. Hmmm, isn’t this counter to her job, position and role? Isn’t she a prosecutor working for justice for all sides and the people of Florida? No, that clearly is not the case as Angela Corey has clearly coached all 4 witnesses to recant and change their testimony in favor of Trayvon Martin.

Is this right? No. This is injustice and is a literal witch hunt where the sole outcome is a guilty verdict right or wrong. That is not what justice or the American legal system is about. This is clearly going in the direction of Mike NiFong and the Duke Lacrosse case. The prosecutor has no real case here. The 4 witnesses saw nothing difinitive and now have been coached to say the opposite, that Zimmerman is guilty of murder even though they didn’t really see anything like what they are now reporting. And the Zimmerman medical reports contradict the new, altered witness testimonies.

Is this case right or wrong?

The good thing is that George Zimmerman has a very good attorney whom will quickly get to the bottom of this illegal and unethical coaching and swaying of the witnesses. He will quickly discredit all 4 witnesses which won’t be hard to do as they all switched their stories and meanings completely. Who’s to say they won’t do it again? This means their testimony is worthless at best. The case is once again a waste of tax payers money to appease the black movement that wants justice for Trayvon Martin regardless if it is right or wrong.

Yes, Zimmerman was told to stand down by the 911 dispatcher and leave Trayvon alone, but was Trayvon minding his own business or was he casing houses or was he intent on breaking into a house owned and occupied by an elderly gentleman that could in no way defend himself and Zimmerman caught him in the process? Tell you what – I wasn’t there and I don’t know. Tell you something else – none of the 4 “witnesses” know this either. Guess what? With no real proof this case is over in Florida.

Uh oh – No real proof exists

In Florida they have the stand your ground law and absent any video footage (which apparently there is none) which is irrefutable there is no proof that Zimmerman committed any crime let alone murder. Trayvon Martin was no innocent teenager either. He was just recently suspended from school. He was wearing a hoodie and was acting suspicious. Plus he had a history of getting suspended from school and its highly likely that Trayvon Martin was responsible for the increase in home burglaries in the area he was found and killed in. If he didn’t like being followed by Zimmerman then why didn’t he quickly leave the area? He wasn’t a frightened 10 year old. I am sure he could have outrun Zimmerman easily if he wanted to.

It is unfortunate that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, but you can’t purposely mislead witnesses to lie and call this justice. Doing anything it takes including breaking the law to get a murder conviction is not justice. It’s what gets prosecutors like Angela Corey and Mike NiFong disbarred and thrown in jail. I think now that the case has been tainted a new prosecutor that will be impartial needs to be appointed to replace Angela Corey. A seperate prosecutor also needs to be appointed to look into the obvious witness coaching and tampering that has occurred and Ms. Angela Corey’s role in it.

the real trayvon martin - robber and break in artist
the real trayvon martin - robber and break in artist

Angela Corey is the only one here breaking the law

If it can be proven (and I don’t see how hard it could be to do this) that Angela Corey wrongly and unethically coached or illegally tampered with the witnesses, then she should lose her license to practice law permanently. She should also receive a jail sentence equal to what she was wrongly trying to impose on Mr. Zimmerman. But this would be the ideal punishment and Florida is in no way an ideal state for truth and justice (just look at how Al Gore won the vote, but George Bush won – it’s all about who you know down there and Jeb Bush took care of his bro).

I hope justice is served. I hope this case and mockary of the justice system is soon removed from the courts. If the blacks want to see something positive come out of this I’m all for it – put the monies instead into changing the laws to better favor justice. Build a memorial if you want or start a scholarship to help underpriviledged or at risk youths, but stop trying to punish someone by circumventing and breaking the laws.


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