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Uh oh, the Rathskeller in downtown Binghamton NY has lost its liquor license and can no longer serve alcohol – what a bummer – I loved this bar!

the Rathskeller in downtown Binghamton has lost its liquor license and can no longer serve alcohol
My favorite bar andplace to hangout with my friends from Binghamton high school has lost its liquor license - this is not fair at all! The police should be ashamed of themselves for wrongfully taking this great bar's liquor license - can't the Binghamton police find something better to do like stuffing their fat faces with donuts or forcing hookers to give themselves blowjobs to avoid arrest?

I and my friends from Binghamton High school used to love going to the Rathskeller bar in downtown Binghamton. It was dark and smelly sometimes, but we could get in with or without a fake ID any time we wanted. We knew the bouncers and they would just let us in if we gave them a hug. I think the one bouncer had a crush on me, so that might have been why too.

We could order all the drinks we wanted inside with ease. The bartenders all knew us and didn’t care that I was 17 at the time (now I am 18) or that my girlfriends were all about the same age (only Marcy is older – she is 19). They also treated us really good in there. The DJ always played great music and I liked the different rooms or dance floors.

My favorite was the one in the back. From there I could sit undisturbed and watch everyone. The boys didn’t bother me too much in there in the back room. In the front it was like pick up central. Many of the boys were from Binghamton University fraternities or from Broome Community College. I prefered the slightly older crowd as they were more mature and knew how to treat a lady.

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The younger frat guys treated girls like a piece of meat and only wanted sex and didn’t care where. In the Rathskeller I have seen some of these frat boys force themselves on girls (sometimes willing and sometimes not) and have sloppy sex with them right by the bar or in a dark corner in the Rathskeller. Other favorite places for them to do the dirty deed is in the bathrooms or in the parking deck. The ones with money book a room at the Holiday right down the street.

I wonder what is going to happen now that the Rathskeller has lost its liquor license. Are they going to get it back? I hope so as I don’t have any local bar that will serve myself and my underage friends like they do. If they don’t get their liquor license back I will have to find another place or start going to frat parties again – I hate the frat parties as guys are always trying to get me alone to get some sex.

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I must admit, last year when I was a little more wild and a little less reserved I had sex with a few people in the Rathskeller. Once I did it with a girl by the DJ booth – that was hot and drove all the men in the bar absolutely crazy. We were getting money literally thrown at us. People were throwing $10 and $20 bills left and right at us while we did it and the DJ announced it to everyone inside. When we were done and picked up all the cash there was around our feet we counted over $1500!

I even had sex with a married Binghamton police officer that I met at the Rathskeller. I only gave him a blowjob inside and then we went to a nearby Motel to finish. He was not too shabby for a cop. Must be his wife taught him well. I also had sex with a local TV reporter and even a principal of another local high school there (the principal was terrible and was a true 1 minute man).

Well, the Rat, as it is called, is just such a great bar and place to hang out. I love it and now I fear that without the liquor license it will just disappear. That is a tragedy. The Rathskeller is like a local legend. I loved the atmosphere and the fact that I never had to pay admission or for drinks. Drinks were almost always free since I have been going to the Rathskeller. I even tried cocaine there for my first time – the DJ gave me a few bumps for a blowjob. I love the Rathskeller.

I vote that whomever the idiots are that took away their license be forced to give it back and then be made to beg and grovel for forgiveness. Binghamton sucks by itself. There isn’t much fun to do here. Why take away one of the best things Binghamton has going for it. Can’t the police do something better with their time then bugging the Rathskeller and its staff?

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2 thoughts on “Uh oh, the Rathskeller in downtown Binghamton NY has lost its liquor license and can no longer serve alcohol – what a bummer – I loved this bar!

  1. Hahahaha this is such a joke… You have got to be the worst kind of person and have shit for brains! Great job sucking people off and getting gang banged by frat guys you slut!

  2. One of the secrets of lying successfully is to make your lie believeable. And you lost ANY chance of that when you suggested that the people who are in the Rat even HAVE $1500 to throw at you to begin with. And of course, since you claim it is a regular occurrence there, then why would it excite people to the point of throwing you a $20…which amounts to a full night of drinking at that place?

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