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Ulta and Exuviance skin care product review – I am an esthetician and I received some free samples of the Exuviance skin care line.

Ulta and Exuviance skin care product review
I received some free samples at Ulta of the Exuviance skin care line and it is amazing!

The last time I shopped at Ulta’s I was given several samples of a skincare line called Exuviance.  I found it to be an excellent product for the skin and I should know as I am an esthetician and am working on people’s skin every day.  I have found that with this product a little goes a very long way because it is so potent in its general application.

Exuviance was created by a dermatologist to combat all signs of aging skin to include wrinkles, crows feet and more.  I soon found after applying this product to my skin that it made my skin look and feel younger.  I have very sensitive skin and have problems with many skin care products out there, but with the exuberant samples I never had a problem and they never irritated my skin.

The packet I was given at Ulta was called Age Reverse introductory sampler.  it included both the Night Lift and Eye Contour product samples.  The line also carries the face wash called BioActiv Wash, Day Repair spf 20, Night Lift and the Eye Contour.  I only got to sample the last two.  The ladies at Ulta’s give me quite a few of these and these lasted quite a while because you only need to use a tiny bit as they are so potent.

The Night Lift, as per the information that came with the skin care product samples, is a triple lifting complex that helps build new collagen and it helps to strengthen the skin’s underlying structure overnight.  it will result in skin that is firmer, less wrinkled (less lines) and undeniably younger looking.  The Night Lift product contains an intensive dose of multi-antioxidants which fight any oxidative damage, neutralizes free radicals and prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

The next sample I received was the Eye Contour.  This skin care product restores the skin around the eyes to have more definition, contour and become brighter, more youthful and younger looking.  This skin treatment for the eye area is an dermatologist and ophthalmologist approved formula (that’s great to know, because the last thing I want to do is apply something around my eyes that could possibly hurt them or cause redness, swelling or itching).

The formula in the Eye Contour skin care product is clinically proven to give a lifted and firmer look and reduce the puffiness and the appearance of crow’s feet (something that really interests me because I have crows feet in the corners of my eyes and it keeps getting worse so I need a great product to treat this area that can also work with my sensitive skin).

I used both of these skin care products (Night Lift and Eye Contour) this product personally on my own skin.  After using this product that I received for free at Ulta on myself I feel that this product line does exactly what it says.  my skin would look hydrated when I woke up in the morning and my eyes looked vibrant and lifted.  There was no redness or irritation from either of these products and so I highly recommend these products for your personal use.  I also recommend them to my clients now.

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