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UNC Charlotte Gym Complaint – the gym is too small and it smells!

The gym at UNCC is too crowded and smells terrible

Spring break is coming up so I decided I should probably head to the gym to try to trim down a bit and do some running and lifting. I had been to the UNC Charlotte gym a few times, but I’m really not a regular visitor.

I showed up to the Student Activity Center where the gym is located on campus about 9 pm hopefully to avoid the rush. I figured 8:30 was definitely late enough. As I approached the door way to the gym I was hit with a rush of hot and smelly air. It reeked of extremely bad body oder and it felt like 100 degrees before I even walked in the door.

When I got inside it was even worse. I instantly started sweating and I hadn’t even put my stuff down in a cubby. However, when I went to find a cubby to put my stuff in there were none available. there were piles of coats, shirts, pants, and personal belongings everywhere. Where was I supposed to put my stuff? After double checking the cubbies to make sure they were all full I decided to just leave my stuff on the floor. I felt that was ridiculous to have to do that.

Before I ran I wanted to get stretched out a bit so I didn’t pull any muscles. Unfortunately I didn’t have anywhere to sit down and stretch out unless it was in the middle of the gym where everyone was walking. I didn’t want to be in the way so I did my best to stretch while standing in place. I was able to get a little loosened up, but not as much as I would have liked.

When it came time to find a treadmill there were none available. It was 9 o’clock at night this is ridiculous!?!? I expected this at like 5 pm not 9. I had to wait a good 15 minutes for someone to get off theirs before I could get on it.

When I got on it the treadmill was pretty gross. They didn’t wipe down the machine and there was sweat everywhere. It was really disgusting. I had to go take care of that on my own in order to avoid touching anyone else’s sweat.

I finished running about 2 miles and decided to call it quits and get out of there. The air and smell was suffocating and I couldn’t even breath anymore. I gathered my belongings and got out of there as fast as I could. The UNC Charlotte Gym is much too crowded and very gross. I’m considering getting a membership to a gym off campus to avoid having this experience again.

One thought on “UNC Charlotte Gym Complaint – the gym is too small and it smells!

  1. The gym at UNCC is gross. A few years back I got ring worm from working out there. The place is dirty and is full of a bunch of meat heads and dumb frat guys.

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