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UNCC Health Center Review – great doctors, great price and great confidentiality – especially in my case!

UNCC gonorrhea STD from alpha delta psi girl picture
Here is a picture the doctor gave me later of the little gonorrhea buggers the girl from alpha delta psi gave me.

I had a high fever that just came on like a freight train.  I was feeling lightheaded and I also had a slight pus discharge from my penis.  I knew this meant that I picked up some sort of an STD (for the slow people out there – a sexually transmitted disease) from this girl I hooked up with from Alpha Delta Pi.

Just what I needed – an STD from a sorority chick at Alpha Delta Pi.  Who knows what diseases I may have picked up here, but I had to see a doctor especially if it was Chlamydia or gonorrhea as they only get worse as time goes by.  So I called up the school health center (SHC) to make an appointment (first I tried to set up an appointment online but every time I did that it said they were booked forever – it must be something was wrong with their online appointment setting system).

So I called UNCC’s student health center at (704)687-7400 to make an appointment.  The lady I spoke to asked me what the problem was and I told her I think I had an STD.  She said oh my and set me up an appointment right away.  Then I got to the student health center and logged in at one of the terminals.

This time it had additional questions I had to answer.  that said you have to enter these questions once a year and they pertain to drinking and unprotected sex.  Apparently I must’ve had some unprotected sex with this girl from Alpha Delta Pi as I really don’t remember if I use a condom or not and I was pretty drunk then.  She had a boyfriend but apparently she wasn’t against spreading the wealth a little – unfortunately she spread something else too like an STD.

The system told me to go to the Gold waiting area.  Then I was finally called back by the nurse and I had to wait about five minutes before the doctor came in.  The doctor asked me a few questions and then they examined me and took a culture of the pus on my penis.  They then had me wait about 30 minutes of so and they came back with the diagnosis that I had a roaring case of gonorrhea.  The alpha delta phi chick gave me gonorrhea!

I had never had a sexually transmitted disease prior to this.  I could not believe what I was hearing but I knew it was true.  The doctor told me I needed to be on an antibiotic and prescribed me one.  Then she told me that I should take an HIV and AIDS test and that I should see a counselor for this.  I really hope gonorrhea was all that she gave me.  I ended up taking the HIV/AIDS test and am awaiting the results.

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I still can’t get over the fact that I got an STD in college here at UNCC!  I am pissed!  The doctor wanted more information from me like who the girl was and such, but I with held that information pending the outcome of the HIV/AIDS test.  The doctor said that if that comes back positive the county social workers would get involved and through the legal system they would get the girl’s information if I wasn’t going to provide it.

Wow, I didn’t know that STD’s could become a legal issue.  I hope gonorrhea is all that I got and nothing more.  I will be praying that that is the case.  If I can get through this unscathed you can bet I will never be hooking up with a sorority chick again!  Through this whole process, the doctor and staff at the UNCC student health center were great.  They got me in quick for an appointment, were very courteous and didn’t treat me like a diseased pig and they were very confidential about my problem.  And the best part is it only cost me $10 including the antibiotics!

I definitely have to give the staff at the UNCC student health center high marks.  The girls at Alpha Delta Pi, not so good.

6 thoughts on “UNCC Health Center Review – great doctors, great price and great confidentiality – especially in my case!

  1. you can’t trust dat place at all!!!! I am pregnant because the condoms I got there dont work. I now am carrying a baby and I don’t know who’s it is. I need to go on Maury or some shit like that fo real. I need to find out who the father is and it’s the student health center at UNCC’s fault.

  2. Youre an idiot, first of all it takes a good six weeks for an STD to show up so you probably got it from someone else that you “forgot” to put a condom on with and you’re dumb for having unprotected sex with multiple people. She probably got it from you now because she trusted you didnt have anything and by naming the sorority just proves how classless you are, because it doesn’t matter not all girls in a sorority do the same many girls in that organization are virgins still.

  3. Cary – you are a moron (probably an ADP girl too from the sounds of your stupid ass comment – most ADP girls are stupid (lowest IQ’s on campus – why else are they all marketing majors? They aren’t smart enough to major in much else). Everyone knows Gonhorrea takes 2-4 days to incubate before showing sysmptoms. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s for the slow girls at ADP) can take varying amounts of time to show themselves. Some never do and some are almost instantaneous by nature. Some people don’t show any response, as is the case with many women with gonorhea, whereas others show extreme signs. Also, you can get these STD’s from protected sex too. Condoms are not 100% effective even when used correctly (95% – 97% is the rule with effective use). And as for ADP girls being virgins – yeah, right… By the way, I am a nursing major (far tougher major then marketing – no wonder why there are no ADP girls in UNCC’s Nursing program). So, Cary, get real, get a life and know the real facts!

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