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UNCC, Marijuana and simple possession busts by the campus police morons

UNCC, Marijuana and simple possession busts by the campus police morons
The UNCC campus police morons are at it again - arresting and harassing students for simple possession of marijuana!

I happened to be reading the Niner Times (the student newspaper for UNCC in Charlotte, NC) when, once again I noticed that the campus police were out harassing students. Two more students got charged with possession of marijuana. This is disgusting – the campus police could be out looking for real crime yet, instead they are out harassing students for what really shouldn’t be a crime.

I mean, come on, this is UNCC. It is a 4 year college and our school colors are marijuana leaf green. Pot or marijuana (if you want to call it that) is very common on college campuses nationwide. Everyone knows 75% or more of the professors and staff and probably 80% or more of the students routinely smoked marijuana. That even includes members of the board and/or the chancellors.

Very soon medical marijuana will become legalized in North Carolina. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The police, police union and pharmaceutical companies are going all out with lobbying and all sorts of lies to stop the passage of medical marijuana laws. Why are they doing this? the answer is simple – medical marijuana is passed in this state that would make over 17 states with medical marijuana laws. What they’re afraid of is that once we hit 26 states that complete legalization of marijuana will soon occur.

Their theory there is correct as marijuana is far less destructive than alcohol or cigarettes and has actual proven and clinically tested health benefits. Did you know that marijuana has been proven to shrink and even kill off tumor cells? That it is a highly effective treatment for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Depression, epilepsy, migraines and pain management, etc… the list is very long and growing.

The police and police unions are worried that if marijuana becomes legalized more than half of the police and sheriff deputies out there along with members of the DEA and other related law enforcement officials will be out of work as they will no longer be needed. It is common knowledge that between 60 and 80% of all inmates are in jail for simple possession of marijuana. That costs taxpayers billions of dollars and people that smoke marijuana are harmless for the most part – that is a sorry and sad waste of billions of dollars that could be put towards education, healthcare and other good uses.

Big Pharma on the other hand is worried because if marijuana becomes legalized then why would people pay $100 or more a month for their expensive pills when they can instead grow their own more effective medicine? Big pharmaceutical companies are lining up right now to pad Washington politicians fundraising donation coffers with money in return for slowing down and impeding the process of marijuana legalization. This is wrong and it’s packed full of lies. It’s not about what’s best for the patient it’s about what’s best for big Pharma’s pockets and profits. And it can be summed up best in one word – corruption.


Now what does that have to do with the moronic, low IQ campus cops at UNCC? Rather than fighting real crime and doing some that might make them break a sweat they instead go after students and harass them over simple possession. So in retaliation what I am doing is publishing their stupidity (the moronic UNCC campus police) for the whole world to see. Eventually the campus police or if they’re not intelligent enough the Chancellor and board will put a stop to this harassment of the college students as they will find it’s not worth the negative publicity that I and others are going to bring down on them.

As to the latest arrests the UNCC police morons arrested Conrad James and Shawn Winks at Moore Hall for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. These charges according to the paper are misdemeanors in both cases. If only the UNCC police knew that 75% or more of the students and about the same number of faculty and staff smoke marijuana regularly they would see that arresting and harassing UNCC college students is a waste of time.

I wonder what they would do if every college student at UNCC decided to openly smoke marijuana on campus? They couldn’t possibly arrest 15,000 to 20,000 students. Besides some of those students like myself are politically connected and could easily affect UNCC’s police force and budget in a very negative fashion.

With that said I will end this article with one message to the UNCC campus police morons, “Get a life and stop harassing students for marijuana possession. If you don’t I will just continue to crank up the heat and I will never go away. Eventually the chancellor will be having a talk with the head of the UNCC campus police morons and they will be given a list of restrictions to include harassing of students for simple marijuana possession.”

And one message for college students and people for medical marijuana and marijuana legalization everywhere – get involved and make a difference! Use your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and pass stuff like this around so our cause becomes viral! Once that happens the campus police, state legislature, feds, etc… will be forced to stop harassing people for simple possession of marijuana and eventually to repeal the prohibition on marijuana. I look forward to the day when marijuana (natures most medically beneficial plant) is made legal once again.

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