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UNCC police review – a speeder almost hit me at a crosswalk and the UNCC police clearly saw it and didn’t care!

UNCC police review
I almost got run down by a girl driving a green Ford Taurus on Van Landingham Dr. and this was clearly seen by two UNCC police officers whom, as usually is the case, did absolutely nothing about it!

Just a little while ago I was walking to the parking deck after studying at the library.  I crossed the street in a crosswalk on Van Landingham Drive and was almost run down by this white girl with dark colored hair driving a older green Ford Taurus or similar car easily doing 50 mph in a clearly designated 25 mph zone.  To top it off I was clearly in the intersection in a designated crosswalk and there was not 1, but two UNCC police cars right there that clearly saw this event.

I had looked both ways prior to proceeding to cross the street and I was in a clearly designated cross walk so I clearly had the right of way.  This girl in the dark green car didn’t give a rats ass and actually was speeding up or going faster – you could hear the revving of her engine.  She zoomed by me with literally an inch or two’s space between her speeding car and me.  I was not even at the half way point across the road when her car zoomed by.

After her car had zoomed by and before I had even crossed the other side of the crosswalk or street I noticed a UNCC police car that had come to a complete stop to let me cross the other side.  This police officer unless he was completely blind clearly saw this lady in the green car almost run me down.

When I got across the street finally to the other side of the crosswalk I saw another UNCC police car that was actually facing the direction of where the speeding car went.  There is absolutely no chance that neither of these police officers saw me almost get run over by this speeding older green Ford Taurus.

Why didn’t they go after this person driving the green Ford?  They were clearly driving at probably twice the speed limit and almost ran over a pedestrian that clearly had the right of way as I was clearly in the crosswalk and had checked both ways before crossing.  It is sthe law that pedestrians in a cross walk have the right of way.

This careless female driver almost ran me down and these two UNCC officers (each of the two UNCC police cars had one officer in it) didn’t do anything about it.  Either they are the laziest police officers out there (which might well be the case as I have seen numerous drivers flying through that area of Van Landingham Drive and running red lights all the time) or they just don’t care and aren’t doing their job.

I think it is a little bit of both.  From what I have seen in my 4 years of time at UNCC, these cops are lazy and are their to get paid and do the minimum they have to do.  I didn’t really care too much in the past, but now that I know my life could be at stake because these UNCC police either can’t or won’t do their jobs I am pissed and this is not the last you will here from me on this and other relevant issues – this is just the beginning.

I hope the UNCC Chancellor Philip L. Dubois hears about the ineffectiveness and laziness of the UNCC police.  You know what?  I know he will because I know a complaint like this on will be permanent and will eventually rise to the top of Google search for keywords like safety and security at UNCC and UNCC police, etc…  That is good because something needs to be done about these lazy and ineffective police and the overall safety and security of UNCC students.

One thought on “UNCC police review – a speeder almost hit me at a crosswalk and the UNCC police clearly saw it and didn’t care!

  1. The UNCC police suck – they are the laziest group of bastards I have ever seen. They won’t do anything and don’t care. The only thing they like to do is harass students at UNCC!

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