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Unhappy with Ebay Auction – I bought an HTC Imagio xv6975 and it was not as described!

I did some research on the Internet and I wanted to buy a cell phone that was reasonable in price. I wanted to take advantage of the Wal-Mart cell phone plan through T-Mobile. For this plan I just need a gsm compatable phone that accepts sim cards. After some research I found that the HTC Imagio xv6975 would be an ideal phone.

The HTC Imagio was, according to reviews and write-ups online, very reliable and a good solid smart phone for the money. At the HTC Imagio 6975 was going for $170+ new and $140 or so used. I looked it up at Ebay and found a few that were cheaper. I ended up buying a refurbished one from ebay seller bidallies for $100 with free shipping and handling. The item was reported to be in great condition and fully functional. This seller also had over 90,000 feedbacks from buyers with a 99% positive feedback ratio and was a top rated seller on Ebay.

ebay htc imagio xv6975 review
I bought an HTC Imagio xv6975 from Ebay seller bidallies and got ripped off big time!

I figured that since they had over 90,000 customers and a 99% positive feedback for those customers that this would be a safe transaction and that I would be pleased with my purchase and save money at same time. I figured I could not go wrong here plus eBay has their buyer protection policies (Ebay Buyer Protection). So I was covered regardless, right? Wrong.

At first things were fine. Then I started getting e-mails telling me my shipment was going to be delayed. At first I was okay with this, but then one week turned into two weeks which then turned into four reeks and so on. I finally got my phone around 5 and a half weeks after I ordered it. That was unreasonably long for shipping time. then when I opened up the package I found it to be in a completely different condition than as reported in the eBay auction listing.

The auction listing on eBay clearly stated that the item was in almost brand-new condition. It said there might be one or two minor scratches, but that you would have to look really hard to find them. It also said the phone was in 100% working order. The HTC Imagio 6975 I was sent was heavily scratched and the edges looked like someone had drug it along the road on asphalt. It was in really rough condition. also one of the buttons was not functioning.

The rightmost button on the bottom did not work. This was the hang up button for phone calls. you could still use the phone without the spot and it just made it more laborious and it took a lot longer to hang up on phone calls as you had to search for the right touch screen function to end the phone calls. The rest of the phone seemed to work okay, but I did not want or order a phone in such terrible shape. This phone was clearly not a stated in the listing.


So I first contacted the seller, bidallies, to get this corrected. They told me I was wrong and that they had shipped to me the phone as described in the listing. They basically told me I was a liar and that I was screwed. I was mad and so I filed a claim with the Ebay buyer protection that was clearly listed on the auction listing below the buy now button.

Ebay got back to me fairly quickly, but they said I was outside of their programs timelines because I had waited over 45 days to file. I only did that because it took the seller bidallies so long to ship it to me. At first, as I said earlier, they gave me excuses and it would be here within a week. Then they made up some stuff about a storm overseas and something about a family member being really sick. I was new to Ebay and this was my first purchase there. I sent eBay all the e-mails and they didn’t care (Read up on the Ebay buyer protection program so this doesn’t happen to you).

The other mistake apparently I made was I paid for it with a debit card. If I had paid for the HTC Imagio phone with a credit card I would have been able to file a charge back still, but being that it was a debit card my bank, Bank of America, wouldn’t do anything form me (don’t bank with Bank of America as they suck). So now I am stuck with a phone that looks horrible and has a button that doesn’t work and I’m basely screwed out of $100 by this seller bidallies.

I learned my lesson here – do not buy from Bidallies as they will lie and scam you. Also be wary of eBay and their supposedly great buyer protection.

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