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University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) parking complaint – we pay more and more each year as students and the parking situation here sucks!

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) parking complaint
I pay $350 per year to park here at UNCC and parking sucks!

Okay, let’s get this straight.  My college, UNCC (the University of North Carolina at Charlotte), has been increasing tuition here for the past several years every year.  This past year they increase our tuition more than ever in history.  They said this was due to budget cuts by the state and that this way they could avoid cutting salaries and positions at the school.  So now they have millions more and the parking situation is worse than ever.

It doesn’t matter unless you get here at between 8 am and 9 am in the morning (if you get to school that early then there is plenty of parking) you will have a hard time finding a decent parking spot.  And if you get here around 11 AM to noon then you may not even find a parking spot to begin with.  They charge us a lot of money ($350 this year alone) to park our cars here.

What I find amazing is you pay $350 for this parking pass and you can even find a spot to park in.  And the school police aren’t much help either – I was trying to find a parking spot yesterday and the only six spots left were taken up by two of these police wannabe’s that were just sitting there in their cars next to each other shooting the shit.

They saw numerous students driving by looking for parking spots and they didn’t care that they were sitting in and taking up the last six spots and would not let students that paid for those spots park there.  Probably because their lazy asses didn’t want to move.  If they were on foot or bicycle I could see because the UNCC police are generally overweight and seriously out of shape (probably because most of them spend more time out of their life eating doughnuts and watching TV) that they might not be able to move.

Maybe the Chancellor (Dubois) should put his great big plan and scheme of building all these cool buildings here on hold until they get the parking to catch up.  What good are al these buildings if you can’t park and get to them?  I know the quickest solution to this matter – the UNCC board along with Chancellor Dubois should be made to park where the students park.  That way they would have to fight for parking spots just like the students here.

An added plus is that it would make them have some mandatory face time with their students.  This doesn’t exist at all right now and is a serious flaw in Chancellor Dubois’s leadership.  See, the way I see it is that the majority of us are going to graduate and are going to become the future alumni of the school.  If you can’t take the time to listen to the students or even to show yourself to the students once in a while (I have yet to personally see or meet Mr. Dubois and I have been a student here for 4 years now) then what makes you think that these students are going to comeback and donate and get involved in UNCC?

In any business when you lose touch with the front line and your customers you lose out big time.  I am well known here on campus at UNCC by faculty and students alike, but I don’t know of a student that has had any face time at all with our schools Chancellor or the UNCC executive board.  Maybe they feel they’re too important to listen to the students or even talk with him or be seen with them.

Maybe if they spent some time with us they’d find out what truly is important here and will be for the future.  The most important thing in any college for university regardless of its public or private is its alumni and alumni network.  All that I hear all day long from seniors here at UNCC is that they are glad to be leaving here and done with school and that they aren’t coming back.  That’s right if I ask them if they’re going to graduate school not a one of them told me that they’re going here or want to go here.

Instead response is that they want to go to a real school – that’s sad.  No football program is going to fix that.  No multi million dollar energy building will fix that.  It’s not the money.  It’s the fact that the students don’t see themselves as being important to this school and its administration.  Our tuition along with state revenues from taxes pays the salaries of people like Mr. Dubois (last I heard he makes $1 million dollars a year).  And what do we get for it in return?  We get treated like unwanted orphans.

We can’t find parking spots quite often but yet were made to pay more and more money every year for this crappy parking situation.  We are forced through decisions made behind closed doors by the administration here to pay ever increasing fees, tuition and more.  Now we even have to pay for a future football team that most of us will not be here for to enjoy.

I think to be fair, if they’re going to give the students the largest tuition increase in UNCC’s history then they need to have ample parking, police that actually do their job (instead of annoying and bothering students because they haven’t got anything better to do), and the administration (including Mr. Dubois – I won’t call him a chancellor anymore because in my eyes that is an earned title and in my eyes along with thousands of students here at UNCC he hasn’t earned that title) should take a large pay cut.

Hopefully this complaint serves as a wakeup call to the administration that they have missed the mark completely.  Unfortunately, there is no way for them to fix it in time before I graduate and leave this school and go on to my next university where I will most likely be a more faithful alumni.  My choice of graduate school was definitely not UNCC.

One thought on “University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) parking complaint – we pay more and more each year as students and the parking situation here sucks!

  1. I agree with you. I too am a commuter student at UNCC and parking is ridiculous here. And the fees we pay are also ridiculous. Something needs to be done about this.

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