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University of Phoenix online classes review – these guys are corrupt with a capital C! They bill for classes you didn’t take and much, much more!

University of Phoenix online classes review
I took some online classes at the University of Phoenix and I found them to be an absolute scam!

I have been taking classes online at University of Phoenix and I am starting to get concerned.  I mean, I am taking classes where it doesn’t matter if I do homework or not.  I never knew college could be like this, but If I pay my bills on time I get all A’s and B’s.  If I am behind and don’t pay on time I get D’s and F’s.  Again, at the University of Phoenix it doesn’t seem to matter if I do any of the readings or homework or know anything at all.

Now they are starting to sack me with all sorts of fees, extra bills, etc…  I have grave concerns about the financial billing practices of University of Phoenix and their staff.  I was initially told that when I entered my bachelor’s program at UOP, that they would bill for four classes at a time and that they would do whatever it took to make it affordable for me.  They also told me that University of Phoenix had a very high quality curriculum and was just as good as the state schools and colleges here.

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It seems they have been lying to me and to other students too.  The school doesn’t care if you learn anything or even crack your books or do the required readings and homework – all you have to do is pay your bills and keep current.  That’s it.  They will make sure you pass and get good grades.  That makes me wonder greatly about the quality of education at University of Phoenix.  I read somewhere that it was a very expensive diploma mill and I am beginning to believe that statement.

It seems that University of Phoenix staff are billing a lot more now then ever and the costs, fees and stuff I have no idea what it is are being billed to me all the time.  It is no longer affordable to me and I don’t feel like paying for a education that is basically worthless.  The University of Phoenix people are now encouraging students to take out more loans in the middle of their degree or upfront by saying they will not have enough funding to complete their degree.

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Could it be that the US Dept of Education is going to take away the University of Phoenix’s ability to get student loan money through Federal student aid?  It sure looks like it.  It sounds like they are trying to squeeze every dollar out of their students before their online college scam implodes.  I, for one, am not going to be giving them any more of my money.  I know they will reply by giving me bad grades, but I no longer care.

I am going to go to a real college in my state and get a real degree that really means something and I can get a real job with!  Plus I found that the local college here is actually half the price of the University of Phoenix.  I just looked up the University of Phoenix and found that they had numerous complaints, what I am wondering is how have they been able to run their online college scam for so long and rip off so many millions of students and adults.

Hopefully they will get closed down soon.

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2 thoughts on “University of Phoenix online classes review – these guys are corrupt with a capital C! They bill for classes you didn’t take and much, much more!

  1. University of Phoenix and all other online universities are scams. Go to a real school that has real classes and gives respectable degrees.

  2. University of Phoenix sucks and is a 100% scam! I went and paid over $30,000 and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it! I still work at McDonald’s as a crew chief! I make $9 per hour and will NEVER be able to pay off my student loans EVER! I was lied to and promised by the financial aid people at U of P that I would easily be making 6 figures within a few years of graduation as their graduates are highly paid and sought after – that was pure BS! I can’t find any company that wants University of Phoenix graduates anywhere! Taxpayers, be forewarned. There are millions of people like me that you are shouldering the billions in financial aid we will NEVER be able to repay EVER. Your taxes are paying this scam school billions and millions of people are having their credit and lives ruined by University of Phoenix!

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