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University Walk Charlotte Complaint – I was fined for violations that did not even exist in my lease

University Walk of Charlotte ripped us off with bogus fines!

As a sophomore at UNC Charlotte this is my first semester living off campus. Myself and my three other roommates decided to get an apartment at University Walk across the street from UNC Charlotte. It was convenient and close. The price was a little on the higher side, but we didn’t look many other places.

We have lived there since August and had a few run ins with the police for parties, and loud noises but no major violations with the University Walk apartment complex. We like to be a bit festive so we put up christmas lights when me moved in (in August) on our balcony.

Just last week University Walk employees came into our apartment unannounced to change the batteries in our smoke detector. It is a routine thing, and we didn’t think much of it. We were a little caught off guard to the attention they were paying to the rest of the apartment. They kept looking around as if they were trying to find something. It was a bit strange but we didn’t think much of it.

Later on that day we also some University Walk employees walking around with a clipboard outside our apartment building. I was a little confused as to what they were doing. Maybe taking some sort of inventory on something outside? I didn’t even know. Regardless I dismissed it and went on with my day.

A few days later we received letter with a list of fines and violations that needed to be payed in just one weeks time along with the month of Februarys rent. The four of us were furious as we looked down the list of fines that we had received.

The first fine that we saw $150 for having christmas lights hung up on our balcony. That was just absurd. We have had those lights up there the entire year since August. How on earth can you fine us for something like that? It wasn’t affecting anyone, it’s not an eye sore. It’s just us being a little festive.

The next fine we saw was for trash inside out apartment. We assumed this was from when the University Walk employee came in to change our smoke detector batteries. He was looking around too suspiciously to only be there to change the batteries. He was looking for reasons to fine us. We had one bag of trash left by the door to be taken out the next time one of us went outside. It’s not like we had heaps of trash all over the apartment. We were fined $120 for that.

Next was for having trash outside. We had a garbage pale outside for throwing away our beer cans or any other trash when we have parties. Some people smoke out on the balcony so we thought it would be convenient and considerate of us to leave a trash can out there, much rather than have trash left out there all over the place. We were fined another $120 for that.

We were fined another $50 for having 2 camping chairs unfolded on the balcony, as well as a mop. We were told that we were using it as storage and that was grounds for a fine. How are 2 unfolded chairs where people were sitting out there just earlier that day grounds for storage. Its for leisure! Sometimes we like to sit outside! As for the mop we had just cleaned our floors and needed a place for the wet mop to dry out. Another ridiculous fine.

Lastly we were fined for having a artifact statue one of my roommates brought back from Switzerland. We were told it looked like a hookah and were fined $175 for smoking paraphernalia . Keep in mind there was no hoses, no tobacco, or illegal drugs anywhere to be found on this thing. This was clearly made on assumptions. It was very clear University Walk was trying to make some extra money off of us.

We were all clearly upset about these ridiculous fines so we all went to the club house to see what exactly our lease had written on it about all these fines. When we asked for the lease the man behind the desk was being very difficult about it. He didn’t want to turn over the lease for us to look it. It took over 15 minutes of haggling with him to finally get it so we could view it.

After viewing the lease we did not see any of fines and violations listed on there. There was nothing about christmas lights, balcony storage, not a damn thing. This made us even more furious and we stormed back to our rooms.

To top it all off my roommates car was broken into just recently too. There has always been rumors of theft at University Walk, but we sure have found out on our own that it is definitely true. They stole his expensive sound system, and stereo system. When we tried to have University Walk help us out with the situation they rudely dismissed us and told us it wasn’t their problem.

After all this stuff University Walk has put us through they had the guts to knock on our door yesterday and ask us if we wanted to resign our lease for another 12 months. We were all absolutely flabbergasted. After all this crap they really expected us to resign. We politely declined. However the man trying to get us to resign wouldn’t stop pushing us.

He would not leave our doorstep and literally got on his hands and knees begging us to resign our lease. He said that if we did all of our fines would be dropped. Thats when it all became clear. University Walk made up these bogus fines to try to trap us into resigning our lease. They are a dirty organization and the four of u
s were very unhappy with their company.

We all vowed never to live in this piece of crap apartment complex ever again. We are currently looking for a house to live in next year while we go to school. We hope to avoid the stupid crap that University Walk put us through. I definitely don’t recommend anyone ever live there. They are a dirty company and try to screw their residents.

2 thoughts on “University Walk Charlotte Complaint – I was fined for violations that did not even exist in my lease

  1. Wow, I can’t believe those fines. Those are ridiculous. And way to expensive. I mean they’re were no complaints, warnings, announced inspection. I mean this isn’t a dorm room; there are no inspections besides trash outside or proper fire extinguisher/fire detector. I still can’t believe all those intrusive actions took place on the apartment complex’s part, and the insane amounts that are suggesting you pay. I would find a lawyer, maybe one who is a family/friend that would take this matter closer to heart and have them investigate the situation further. Perhaps make the apartment complex aware that you have obtain an attorney to look into this situation further. Hope everything gets straighten out for ya!

  2. I used to live there back when I was in school. They tried to rip us off and charge us late fees for our rent when we always paid it on time. They are a crooked organization. Never live there!

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