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Unstoppable Denzel Washington movie review – I just downloaded this movie torrent on KickAss Torrents and it was an exciting movie to watch!

Unstoppable Denzel Washington movie review
I downloaded the movie torrent Unstoppable (the movie about the unstoppable train carrying hazardous chemicals with Denzel Washington in it) with my TorrentPrivacy VPN and the kids loved it.

I recently signed up for the TorrentPrivacy VPN (Virtual Private Network) thanks to all the great advice that I got here on  I have seen the horror stories and even have a friend that received one of those $2900 settlement letters from the US Copyright group.  I think it is just sick that these attorneys can prance around using extortion tactics and lies to make thousands of dollars off people that may or may not have downloaded movies online.

Anyway, so after having read the great review of the Torrent Privacy VPN I used the link for half off – thanks, by the way for that link, and signed up for the VPN service.  It was quick and easy to install and it really does make you invisible online when downloading.  So one of the first things that I downloaded was the movie Unstoppable featuring Denzel Washington.

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The movie Unstoppable is about a run away train that is carrying toxic chemicals and could cause a serious problem.  My kids wanted to watch this because they love trains and they saw the ads and coming attractions for it both on TV and online (YouTube).  So I selected the movie torrent Unstoppable on KickAss Torrents (another site you guys highly recommended here on and started the download.

The movie torrent at first had no seeders and only leechers (no one uploading and only downloaders waiting for someone to seed or upload the movie torrent).  Later that night a seeder with unlimited bandwidth (it went ballistically fast) made his movie torrent and bandwidth available to me and I had the complete movie downloaded in less than two hours.

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As per the advice I received in various posts and reviews here on Screaming Reviews I first ran the downloaded torrent through a quick scan with my McAfee antivirus program.  I then checked it with Windows Media Player to make sure both the picture and sound worked.  Then on finding that everything worked I burned it to a dvd (I bought 100 blank Maxell dvds for $13 at BJ’s wholesale – a great deal).

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Burning the dvd took about 2 hours or so.  But after that It worked perfectly in our BlueRay dvd player and was awesome on our big flat screen tv.  The Unstoppable movie didn’t have the world’s greatest plot to it, but it was still a great thriller movie with lots of action scenes and the kids were enthralled with it – they especially loved all the train scenes.  My youngest son loved the blue train better then the red runaway train which was the featured train of the movie.

The kids now want to watch the movie again.  I have since downloaded many more movies and found this VPN from Torrent Privacy to be great.  I can get all the movies I want absolutely free and no one can ever do anything about it!  Get yourself the TorrentPrivacy VPN and then download the movie Unstoppable if you haven’t already seen it.   It’s a great thriller movie and then at the end you will find out it is actually a true story and what happens to all the main characters in the movie.

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