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US Post Office Eugene Oregon complaint – my mail was delivered with mayonnaise and lettuce on it!

US Post Office Eugene Oregon complaint
I received my mail in my PO Box the other day with a side of mayonnaise and lettuce - unreal!

You just have to hear this complaint I have with my local post office here in Eugene Oregon.  I have a P.O. Box that I use there to regularly get my mail.  I had to go and get a P.O. Box because of these neighborhood kids or teenage delinquents that live near me and go through people’s mail when they are at work or otherwise not home – its unreal.

US Post Office
30 East 33rd Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405-9998
(541) 349-9774

One has to ask themselves where are their parents, but in one case I know where the one parent is – they are in jail for shoplifting at the local Wal-Mart.  What a sad case and it is really sad that people have to stoop to such lows, but from what I hear drugs make people do crazy and stupid things like steal others mail and shoplifting.  So that is why I have had to get a PO Box.

Well, anyway, about a week or so ago I went down to the post office on East 33rd here in Eugene Oregon to get my mail and I found that there was a slimy substance all over 2 of the packages.  These packages were books that I had bought off of  After looking over the packages it was quite obvious that someone had been eating a sandwich or similar and gotten mayonnaise and small bits of lettuce all over my mail – gross!

I went inside the post office to complain and there was no one there.  Apparently at that moment they had all found something to do – like probably eating more sandwiches so they could get more mayonnaise and lettuce on other people’s mail and packages.  That is just unreal.  I know people and even postal workers have to eat, but shouldn’t they wash their hands after eating and before touching someone’s mail?  Wouldn’t that just be a common courtesy?

When I got home and opened the affected packages the items inside were fine.  There was nothing wrong with the books I ordered off  Just the fact that my packages Had mayonnaise and lettuce on it were obviously handled by a postal clerk that was a complete slob disgusted me.  I cannot believe that something like this could happen at my local post office here in Eugene Oregon, but now I know better.

Government employees are definitely not the best behaved or smartest out there – they are only there to pick up a paycheck and get their benefits.  Maybe the government should figure out how to do a performance pay plan for all of its employees then incidents like this wouldn’t happen or would happen much less frequently.  Unfortunately I don’t see a performance pay plan ever being instituted in our federal government – I mean just look at the politicians.  They just spend, lie, spend some more and then lie again – it’s unreal.

I think the whole government needs a serious overhaul.

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