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US Subs Charlotte Review – this place might have the best subs in Charlotte

I had a great lunch experience at US Subs in Charlotte

It was lunch time and I just finished up with a client in the University area of town in Charlotte NC and needed something to eat. I was tired of the typical fast food like Wendys and Cookout that I usually got. I saw this sub place called US Subs and decided to try it.

I walked in and there wasn’t much of a line. I had to tell the guy at the register to hold on while I looked through the menu to decide what I wanted. After looking over the menu I decided to get the buffalo chicken sub. I got the combo with fries and drink because I was really hungry.

I was a bit taken back by the price of the meal though. It was just over $10 for all that. I thought that was a bit expensive for lunch. I guess I would just have to wait and see if it was worth the extra money.

While I waited for my food to be done I noticed the large amounts of UNCC memorabilia hung up on the walls and from the ceiling. It was nice to see a local business supporting UNCC. Too many times in Charlotte I see people and businesses supporting schools like UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, ect… It was very refreshing to see this.

My food came out about within about 5 minutes which was pretty quick. The sandwich appeared to be hot and steamy. The french fries appeared to be very crisp too. When I bit into the sandwich it confirmed my observation. The buffalo chicken sub was spicy but not too hot. It was prepared just right. The french fries were a great compliment to them too.

I would definitely recommend US Subs for anyone looking to grab a good lunch to eat. I must say it is a little pricey but if you don’t make it a regular thing I think it’s something good. I definitely look forward to my next trip to the university area in Charlotte so I can go eat there again.

One thought on “US Subs Charlotte Review – this place might have the best subs in Charlotte

  1. This place has great subs. It’s a little pricey though. I haven’t been there in a while but I am craving a US Sub sandwich right about now!

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