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USAirways flight review – bad, rude service and lengthy delays.

US Airways flight review and rude customer service complaint
I was treated very rudely by a US Airways employee.


I was flying from Charlotte North Carolina to New York City not too long ago for a business trip and had a rude and terrible experience flying with USAir (US Airways). Yes, it was raining and it was a miserable day. The passengers that were waiting for these flights also seem to be miserable.

It all started when I got to the gate and found out that my flight was delayed. The man at the counter did not want to help me and ignored me. He was busy making a personal phone call and didn’t care about the line of customers that was forming in front of him. Finally another lady showed up and began helping people in line and answering questions.

She was very curt and rude also. Apparently the people at USAir were having a bad day that day also. I was a paying customer, though, and would have expected something better in the way of customer treatment and service. But that was not going to happen that day.

Apparently the flights were delayed and no one knew why or for how long. So I went to the coffee store right across the way and read a newspaper for while. After an hour and seeing that the flight has not been changed from delayed, I walked back over to the counter to nicely see if there was any change or notification as to what was going on.




The lady that was there was the same one as before and she’s basically told me very rudely, “I already told you that the flight has been delayed and we have no further information!” She was very rude. I was a paying customer and on an important business trip.

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She made me feel like crap in front of all the other people waiting there and it was completely unprofessional. I will think twice again before I ever fly USAir. I never received the same type of rude service from Southwest or JetBlue. It makes no sense – you pay several times more to fly US Airways and receive terrible service and even get yelled at!

After another hour, the delay was removed and there was no explanation as to why there was a delay in the first place. So I got back in line and when it came my turn to give the lady my flight ticket, she took it, but at the same time gave me a very dirty and stern look. I will never forget that in the terrible treatment I received from a US Airways employee in Charlotte North Carolina.

2 thoughts on “USAirways flight review – bad, rude service and lengthy delays.

  1. I had the same issue with US airways. They weren’t friendly and there wasn’t enough room on board for everyones carry on. Since I was sitting towards the back of the plane i had to board last. Since there was no more overhead compartment space I had to check my bag. Not only that but he boarding process was extremely slow, because of that, my plane was delayed about 20 minutes.

  2. US Air sucks, but so doesn’t every other airline. They all suck. You don’t even have good looking airline stewardesses to look at anymore. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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