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Verizon iphone 4 Review – I have had a great experience with the Verizon iphone

I really love my Verizon iphone 4

I have wanted an iphone for a long time now, but have restricted from owning one because I was stuck in a contract with Verizon. So when the iphone 4 came out for Verizon I was eager to jump on the opportunity to own one.

I went to the Verizon store the day they came out and picked one up. It was an expensive upgrade from the phone I had, but I had been waiting long enough for it come out so I figured I could spoil myself a little bit.

I was a little worried about the call quality since the dropped call issues AT&T had when the new iphone 4 first came out. Verizon assured that things would be fine, but I was still a little skeptical since it was a new product with Verizon.

Through all the skepticism I have not experience any dropped calls since switching to the iphone 4 on Verizon. In fact I have noticed a considerable increase in my call quality since switching to the iphone 4. It is much different than what my friends have said about their AT&T iphones.

I am also impressed with the speed of the Verizon network compared to AT&T. I ran my phone side by side with one of friend’s phones to see how they compared and I found that Verizon blew the competition away. Verizon finally matched AT&T with an iphone and it was not a moment too soon.

I have since seen some of my friends switching to Verizon because of the poor quality of service AT&T has to offer for their cell phone customers. Honestly it’s about time. Verizon has proven to be a far superior wireless phone provider, and the one product that held them back for years, (the iphone) has finally been brought to the superior network. After owning an iphone I don’t think I’ll ever go back to anything else.

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