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Volvo S series (S80, S60 and S40) car review and complaint – don’t buy a Volvo – they are the worst made cars and are very expensive to fix!

Volvo S series (S80, S60 and S40) car review
Do not mae the mistake of buying a Volvo - you will regret it. I did - read my complaint and find out how bad these Volvos are and how expensive they are to maintain. Volvos are pure junk!

Let me save you the trouble I went through – don’t even consider buying a Volvo S80, S60 or S40.  The entire Volvo S series is junk – they are worse made then Kia or Hyundai and the folks at Volvo know this and don’t care.  I had a Volvo S80 that I babied and took in for every service.  Unfortunately the car was junk.

My Volvo S80 had something major go wrong with it about every month to every other month.  From things like the front end falling apart – there was a recall on that and my local volvo dealer missed that (University Volvo).  So, I found out when I was driving home and the whole front end collapsed.  I am lucky I didn’t get into an accident or get killed (hint, hint – Volvos are no longer the safe cars they used to be in the 70’s and 80’s – now they are pure junk!) That was about a $3,000 repair.

Then my rack and pinion went and had to be replaced.  That was around $2,000 to fix that.  Then within a few months the rack and pinion went again – piece of crap Volvos they just keep on breaking and the only thing you can depend on is that they will break down and be very expensive to fix.  After this the front bumper cover decided to break because it is made out of cheap plastic – that cost a good bit to fix and have painted to match the rest of the car.

Next the air conditioning went and it turned out it needed a whole lot of new parts – the condenser was bad and all said and done it was another $1,000+ repair.  And, guess what?   Just a few months later it did it again.  OEM Volvo parts suck and are worse then aftermarket parts.  I learned this from a Volvo mechanic at University Volvo – He told me to avoid the high priced parts from his and other Volvo dealers.

He told me that he tells all his friends to buy the much cheaper after market parts.  They are made with the same or higher quality standards then the OEM ripoff priced car parts you can get at your local Volvo dealership.  And guess what?  Once we started using the after market parts the problems would all go away.  But not until we probably had to fix and replace each and every part on the car.

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There was problem after problem with this car.  And none of these problems was cheap to fix.  The cheapest repair probably came in at just over $1,000.  Then there was the electronic issues which were always there – the electronic module under the seat that controls quite a few gadgets went and that was expensive to replace.  Once it was replace not even 100 miles later the check engine light came on and it needed to be replaced again.  They replaced it and it happened again and again.

The Volvo s80 had a lot of annoying glitches too.  Out of nowhere I could be driving and the turn signals and cruise wouldn’t work.  To fix it I had to replace the fuses that controlled those functions (the fuse box for these was located on the side of the dashboard covered up by the drivers door – you can access the fuse panel by just opening the drivers side door).   These fuse glitches happened all the time.

It got to the point where I would have to constantly make sure I had extra fuses for each size because it wasn’t a matter of if, but when a fuse would go bad.  I, through a non-Volvo mechanic (whom was far more knowledgeable then the factory trained guys at University Volvo and the other local Volvo dealership) learned that the fuses were creating a very slight carbon buildup somehow and this was causing them not to work.  So, Once a week I had to take out all the fuses and wipe them down good and these problems of electrical glitches happened less often.

Then the at under 80,000 miles the timing belt decided to self destruct without any warning.  According to Volvo the timing belt is good until 105,000 miles and I was planning on changing it at Volvo’s recommended  change interval as per the owners manual.  This self destruction of the timing belt meant that because the engine is an interference engine that all the valves were bent.  This repair was just going to be too expensive $10,000 or so at the Volvo dealers in Charlotte, NC so I and my wife decided we had had enough with this terrible Volvo S80 and put it to pasture.

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We donated it to a local church and they plan on parting the crappy car out.  I am sure there are lots of unhappy Volvo owners out there that could use these parts for their Volvos.  I have owned and driven many cars.  I also used to sell cars and have my own used car dealership.  And I have never, ever in all my years seen a car as bad as this Volvo.  The quality of this car was plain awful.

You know that when a Volvo mechanic at your local Volvo car dealership tells you that the Volvo S – series was made to bring in the high dollar repairs that he wasn’t kidding.  Let me tell you this – Volvo’s are very low quality and extremely expensive to fix.  Do not own one out of warranty and better yet do not own one period!  I contacted Volvo about my disappointment in their flagship vehicle – the Volvo S80 and they made no offers to fix or correct anything.

Instead they tried to tell me that my car was used and out of warranty – Volvo does not stand behind their vehicles at all – so, again – DO NOT BUY A VOLVO – EVER!  Bad cars, Bad people, and a guaranteed horrible experience that you will never forget!  Do not ever buy a Volvo!

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2 thoughts on “Volvo S series (S80, S60 and S40) car review and complaint – don’t buy a Volvo – they are the worst made cars and are very expensive to fix!

  1. I believe you man. I owned a 740 GLE and my wife owned a S60. Both of these Volvos were very expensive and in constant need of repair. The GLE had a sunroof that leaked in all the time and there was no real way to fix it. We tried everything on it (even silicone seal). Nothing worked. Once the drivers seat came loose or unbolted while I was driving and I had to grip the steering wheel extra hard (with all my might) to keep pressure on the brakes to come to a safe stop and then pull over to the side of the road. The s60 (my wife’s car) had so many problems that we finally sold it to another sap and bought a Toyota Camry. Since we switched from Volvo to Toyota we have not had any more problems. You are right 100% Volvos are horrible cars.

  2. I traded in my problematic 2004 Volvo S80 for a new Buick and have been happy ever since. No more problems or expensive repairs with the Buick. I agree wholeheartedly that Volvo make terrible quality cars. The timing belt broke on mine just out of warranty. I ended up having a used engine installed in it. The used Volvo engine ran better then the new one – go figure. The 2004 Volvo S80 I had was always having problems and they were never cheap to fix once the warranty ran out. Stay away from Volvos. My Buick Lacerne is more comfortable, has more options and costs far less to drive and enjoy and I am not leaving the car at the shop half the time like I was with the piece of crap Volvo.

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