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VPN – what is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and which VPN is the best?

VPN - what is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and which VPN is the best?

The latest in anonymous internet technologies is called a VPN – Virtual Private Network. now what it actually does is to create the ability to have a complete anonymous transmission over the Internet. What that means you can communicate from city in America to a city in Japan, China, Australia or Germany in a very secure and anonymous format. No one can see into your transmission or tap into it.

What’s important with this is that it makes it so that governments, intellectual property lawyers and their private detectives, hackers and others cannot gain access to anything you do over the Internet. That means if you decide to download illegal movie torrents, music, software, games, even porn there’s nothing anyone can do about it. They don’t even know what you’re doing and can’t see it.

In today’s advanced information world and the fact that things published on the internet stay there forever it is vitally important to have this level of anonymity. A VPN affords this level of anonymous protection. In the past it was very expensive to have a VPN and so only large companies would have them for their executives. But, just like with flat screen TVs, prices drop as newer technologies become more adapted and used more widely.

You can now get the best in anonymous protection (TorrentPrivacy VPN) for around $10 a month! At that price you would be a fool not to have this level of protection. Identity theft is a growing problem and it affects millions of people each year. Having a VPN makes you completely invisible to would-be identity thieves.

Another great feature of a VPN is that citizens in countries that restrict Internet access like China, Iran, North Korea and others can use a VPN to get around it. With the VPN they could use a service from America, England, Spain, Australia, etc… As you can see having a VPN is extremely important and at the low prices that they are today it is essential to have.

What the VPN basically does is it creates a tunnel between your computer and a computer at some other point in the world. Say, for instance, with the TorrentPrivacy VPN you are in America and you wish to use a static point in Amsterdam. To any computers that you’re accessing through the Internet you are no longer accessing them from America. All they will see is the computer at that static point in Amsterdam.

They cannot see you or your true home ip address. This is vitally important nowadays especially for those that download movie torrents online from websites like the Pirate Bay, BTJunkie and others. The intellectual property attorneys out there have people sniffing around these torrent downloading websites to pick out ip addresses of people participating in downloading or uploading movies of their clients.

With a VPN they won’t see your home IP address. As I said earlier they’ll instead see the one you’ve selected from overseas like Amsterdam or Switzerland. They would have a very hard time trying to track that one back to you (it would be virtually impossible). TorrentPrivacy, my favorite VPN because it is so easy to use, actually offers a second-level protection on top of the VPN – they have an anonymous Bittorrent client.

What this anonymous Bittorrent client does is it even erases the overseas VPN ip address. So, with this anonymous bittorent you become completely invisible. In other words to prying eyes from the government (and don’t think for a minute that they are not constantly monitoring Internet traffic), to intellectual property attorneys and their clients, to hackers and others you don’t exist and they cannot spy on you or see what you are doing at all!

If you want serious protection and anonymity when surfing, downloading movies and other torrents, or conducting business over the Internet then you definitely need a VPN and there is none better then TorrentPrivacy – be sure and check it out. You’ll be glad you did! I use it myself and I love it. I wouldn’t consider downloading anything off the Internet without it.

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  1. That is amazing info there. I was worried that I couldn’t download torrents like movies and such anymore, but with a VPN that sounds great. I will have to give this TorrentPrivacy a look.

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