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VuePoint F25 medium tilt wall mount for flat screen TV’s review

VuePoint F25 medium tilt wall mount for flat screen TV's review
I bought a VuePoint tilting wall mount for my 40 inch flat screen for $20 on Ebay and it works great and was easy to install.

I bought a 40 inch flatscreen LCD TV from HHGregg the other day for $400.  It was a great deal, but when it came to getting the tilting wall mount for this TV their price was steep at HHGregg ($100).  So I decided to just get the TV and then that I would find a much lower priced wall mount for it online.  I ended up buying a VuePoint F25 tilt wall mount which is made specifically for 26 inch to 40 inch flatscreen TVs.

I got this VuePoint wall mount for $20 including shipping and handling on eBay.  The only problem was I had to wait two weeks for it to be delivered – I had a very slow shipping seller apparently.  I later found out that they were shipping it from Canada and at why it took so long.  So that’s more understandable I guess.

When it came in the mail the wall mount came all in a box and had to be put together.  You definitely need two people to install the wall mount and then mount your flat screen TV on it.  The VuePoint wall mount was a complete kit and even came with a cutout diagram to place on the wall to mark the areas to be drilled for the large screws that would be put into the wall boards (studs) to hold it up.

It came with complete directions in numerous different sized screws and attachments for different kinds of mounting.  It also had a locking mechanism so once you figured out the correct tilt that you wanted for optimum TV watching enjoyment you could lock that in.    If you didn’t lock that in then it could easily change over time.

The directions that came with it even told you how to hide the wiring in the walls like most professional installations do.  Installation wasn’t hard at all and probably took about an hour to complete.  The finished VuePoint wall mount with the flatscreen TV in it looks great.  I opted not to hide the wires in the wall at first.

I may do that later, but I wanted to be able to watch the TV right away.  If you are looking for an easy to install tilting wall mount for your flat screen TV then look no further then the VuePoint F25 medium if you have a 26 inch to 40 inch flat screen TV.  It’s the same model that stores like Best Buy and HHGregg will sell you for upwards of $100 and you can easily buy one on eBay for around $20 like I did.

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  1. I bought a non-tilting TV mount and I don’t like it. Do you know if I can trade in my non-tilting flat screen TV mount for a tilting one anywhere? What stores will let you exchange something you didn’t buy there?

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