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Wachovia ATM Complaint – I was harassed by a homeless man for money during regular bank hours and Wachovia didn’t care

I had a horrible experience at a Charlotte NC Wachovia ATM

It was a Thursday morning about 10 am and I needed to pick up some cash for the day at my local ATM in Charlotte, NC. I had been to this bank often, and never really had any problems with the inside part or the ATM. However this Thursday morning was a different, and I was very upset with what happened.

I noticed a man dressed very raggedy strolling up and down the asiles in the drive up ATM section and it looked to be a little strange to me. He had a funny step in his walk, and looked be a little bit mentally ill. I was pretty far back in line so I couldn’t exactly see what this man was doing until I pulled up a little closed to the ATM.

When I made it to about third in line figured out what exactly was going on. I was solicited by a homeless man for money while I was going to the Wachovia ATM. I was furious that the bank didn’t do anything about it. He was harassing everyone in line for money as people were getting it. I made sure my window was rolled up and tried my best to ignore the man.

When it came to my turn in the drive through at the ATM the homeless man made his way up to me and was literally standing 2 feet away from me as I withdrew my money. I yelled at home to get out of here but he was not receptive. I made sure to do my best to cover up my pin and get out of there as fast as possible.

I made a phone call to the bank to notify them that there was a homeless man soliciting people for money at their ATM outside. It amazes me that they were so oblivious at the bank to not even stop this mentally ill man from trying to take money from their customers. They said they would take care of it, and I felt a little better about the situation.

I drove by about lunch time because the place I was eating was in the same plaza and saw the homeless man still there soliciting money from Wachovia bank patrons. The bank simply did nothing about it and that really made me upset. What was even worse was that people must have been giving him money if he was still there. I try to be nice about giving to the needy but after bad experiences in the past with similar situations I will never give to a homeless man again.

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