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Wal-Mart customers and theft – it’s unbelievable how low some people will stoop to save money!

Wal-Mart customers and thef
I could not believe what I saw at my Wal-Mart the other day - This family was literally feeding themselves at Wal-Mart's expense with no intention of ever paying for anything.

We all know that there are shoplifters out there and other weird things that customers do in stores, but I never thought people would stoop as low as what I saw in my local Wal-Mart on North Tryon St.  here in Charlotte North Carolina the other day.  There was this black family with six children that was very slowly moving through the store.  I didn’t think much of it until I saw them go past me for like the fourth time.

The mother did not care if anyone saw her what she was up to.  What she was doing as he went down different aisles issue would open up different foods and feed them to her children.  Now lots of people do this and then they go to the cash register and pay for it.  But she was not doing that.  It was obvious to me and to other shoppers there that they would each what they wanted and then she would put the what was left back withthe other foods in the aisles.

If they did this once or twice you might not think much of it, but they were doing it all over the place.  Just to see how blatant they were and how long they were going to be doing this I started to follow them at a distance.  The mother would open up granola bar packages and hand one out each of her children and then put it back with one or two granola bars left in the package.  She went down the juice and soda section and she and each of her children was drinking a Powerade or soda.

Of course when they were done with those they would just put them in amongst other food in the aisles.  Then they headed down to the deli area were they got a bunch of different meats and cheeses and such.  These of course she handed to her children and they all quickly emptied out the deli meats that she got.  Then they headed over to the donuts and cookies area and they fill their bellies over there.

What really amazed me was I got tired of watching them do what they were doing and finished up my shopping and went to the front of the store to check out.  As I was picking up the plastic bags to put in my car that I had paid for I noticed this same lady with her children had out of the store with nothing – that’s right they didn’t pay for anything and didn’t buy anything.  Isn’t that the same thing as shoplifting?

I told the cashier about this family and she didn’t seem to care.  She said that happens all the time there.  I can understand people having severe financial problems especially during a terrible recession like we have going on now, but that’s no reason to do what this family was doing.  If one gets caught shoplifting at a place like Wal-Mart they tend to have a policy where all those involved go to jail and get a criminal record.

There are numerous sources for people to be a look at financial help, money to buy closing food with and more both from local charities and from the state.  There is no reason in America for someone to have to take their children into Wal-Mart to feed them at Wal-Mart’s expense and everyone elses – all Americans and a pain the price for shoplifting in fact with higher prices for the items that they buy.

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