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Wal-mart supercenter in Indiana complaint – we were treated like criminals for no reason by the Walmart employee and manager!

Wal-mart supercenter in Indiana complaint
I went to the local Wal-Mart supercenter in Indianapolis Indiana and was treated like a criminal by the rude manager and employee!

I have avery  serious issue with service and the staff at Walmart Supercenter Store #5443 (4650 S Emerson Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203).

We were treated like terrible criminals by a cashier and a person I’m assuming to be her manager (she did not identify herself which I found as kind of odd).  At first we had no idea why, but it happened right after we finished paying (we had bought & paid for things separately). The cashier suddenly freaked out about us being together and told us to wait, then she ran off (holding up the line in the process), no explanation, leaving us standing there to wonder what was going on.

After a few minutes she came back with someone we just assumed to be a manager. They then together proceeded to silently glare at us for a good long minute (or more?)  It felt as if they were trying to intimidate us.  We were completely baffled and I was about to ask what was going on when the woman the cashier brought back with her finally asked what the problem was.

According to the cashier it was because my boyfriend bought some alcohol and she thought that I was a minor, she even saw my ID before she ran off and decided that I was a “minor” (btw, I’m 38, far from being a minor).  The cashier and other employee were very, very rude to us, staring us down and causing a comotion that had all the customers staring at us as if we were shoplifters, interrupting me as I tried to talk, jabbing accusatory fingers at us and the cashier kept freaking out and saying things like, “They’re together and I’m uncomfortable about that!”.

I was visibly upset by the way they treated us, I told them my age and took out my ID (again) to prove that I was not a minor (but the cashier kept insisting that I was), they didn’t want to hear it.  I am clearly old enough to purchase alcohol in the state of Indiana or any other state. And because I started to raise my voice, out of frustration and disgust to be heard over the cashier, the other employee asked us to leave the store (which we were more than happy to do).

This was a horrible experience that I had at Wal-Mart and completely uncalled for.  That is so unprofessional.  If I were a minor and they had a problem with me buying alcohol then they should have taken the matter aside and handled it privately.  Instead they had to do this in front of all the customers and create a huge scene.  I have never had anything like this happen to me before.

I am disgusted with this Wal-Mart, the store manager, their staff and the fact that they did this to us and I clearly am 38 years old and don’t look a lick under 35!  If there are any attorneys out there that want to take my case on a contingency fee please contact me.  I want to sue this Wal-Mart store and its manager into oblivion!

2 thoughts on “Wal-mart supercenter in Indiana complaint – we were treated like criminals for no reason by the Walmart employee and manager!

  1. That’s awful. I’m sorry you had that experience. The policy is that when the beverage is scanned, it will ask if the customer is under forty. She should have hit Enter, then entered your birthdate off of your ID. They have to take training on it every year.

    Assess: if the customer looks under forty.
    Check: ID
    Enter: the birthdate.

    Only if the customer doesn’t have ID and insists on buying should the cashier calmly call a manager. This cashier is a total idiot.

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