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Wal-Mart watch battery review – Walmart sells old watch batteries for very high prices!

Wal-Mart watch battery review
I bought a watch battery at Walmart for $5 and it died 7 days later and they refused to replace it or refund my money!

I went to Wal-Mart about a few weeks ago to get a battery for my watch. I have a Bulova watch and apparently the battery died in it. I knew this was the case because his happened before and it’s obvious with a watch like this when it stops it means the battery’s dead. It’s not a winding watch or an automatic watch.

The lady behind the watch and jewelry counter and her helper at Wal-Mart said that they couldn’t or move the backing of my watch to replace the battery. They weren’t allowed to do that with any other watches than those that they carry and sell there. I guess that store policy.

But she did offer to let me use their tools to remove the pressure backing on my watch so I could replace the batteries in it. It took a little while to figure out which of the tools that they had (they had quite a few different tools to choose from) would work best to remove the casing on my watch.

After I found the right one I thought it was actually quite easy to remove the backing. I took the battery out and we found the matching battery there. They wanted $5 for each battery. I later found out that this was exuberantly expensive because you can buy a packet of 20 of these batteries from reputable businesses on line for $5 with free shipping.

Obviously Wal-Mart is making a serious markup on these batteries, but that’s not my main concern here. The problem I had was that after I left Wal-Mart with a working battery it was only a week or so before my watch stopped working again. The battery had gone dead in about seven days.

These watch batteries are supposed to last several years not one week! what this means is Wal-Mart was selling old watch batteries that had lost their charge and then charging top dollar for them. I took my watch back to Wal-Mart and they would not give me a replacement battery or refund my money.

They said there was no way for them to know if that was the watch that I put the battery in and if that was the battery that they sold me. Whatever happened to Wal-Mart’s 100% guarantee that they claim in all their ads and on TV. Wal-Mart sells old watch batteries that have lost their charge and sells them at huge markups. If I can get 20 of these same watch batteries for just a few dollars I’m sure Wal-Mart by buying in massive bulk quantities gets the same batteries for probably five cents each or less.

Wal-Mart could easily have afforded to replace my dead battery or credit me the $5 back that I spent on the defective battery at their store. They didn’t care. I even asked about their 100% guarantee and they said that doesn’t apply to watch batteries. You can be assured I will not be going back to Wal-Mart for watch batteries ever again.

6 thoughts on “Wal-Mart watch battery review – Walmart sells old watch batteries for very high prices!

  1. I bought a watch battery from Walmart and had to return it because it died 2 days later. They sell bad or old batteries at Walmart. Buy your batteries elsewhere.

  2. DO you know for a fact that it was dead? Did you test it? Maybe your watch is just old and broken, and the battery wasn’t the problem.

    Either way, they most certainly do not sell old watch batteries. As with any product, sometimes a defective item slips through. That doesn’t mean it was done intentionally, or it is an example of every one that was sold. Maybe you got a bad battery, but yours was probably one in a million. Instead of posting libelous accusations, you might want to consider those facts.

    Also, I don’t blame them for not refunding your battery purchase, as there is no way to guarantee that you’re bringing in the same battery that you purchased. Only a supervisor could make that call, not any old associate. Did you even bring a receipt in to prove that you bought it there?

    Lastly, you can buy almost anything in bulk for much cheaper. If you’d looked around, you’d probably have noticed that you could buy two or three of those batteries in a multi-pack for $5, so long as they kept your particular number in stock. And sure, you could buy even more on the internet for cheap, but you were paying for convenience, and the fact that you didn’t shop around first was nobody’s fault but your own. Hey, a jeweler is going to sell those batteries for way more than $5, so if Walmart can get away with it, of course they’re going to sell it for that much.

    1. How much did Walmart pay you to post this?

      It should be Walmart’s responsibility to ensure the “quality” of their products to begin with. And the fact that they refuse to refund the batteries is preposterous. Also even if the product is simply, “defective” it doesn’t give them the right to inconvenience the customer by refusing to refund him for providing a shitty defective watch battery. It’s a crime already that this poor customer had to pay FIVE dollars for a battery.

  3. Bottomless ~ My battery lasted about 10 days, cost of 4.97. There apparently IS something wrong with Wal-Mart batteries. I decided to Google any complaints and wasn’t surprised when I found yours. I have a good watch as well and went to Wal-Mart because it is the store nearest my office. I won’t go back for a replacement as it is a waste of time since it is clearly quality they are lacking. Their service staff also stated they could not assist me in putting the battery in my watch since it was not purchased at a Wal-Mart store. Lucky for me I guess, I am not a Wal-Mart enthusiast as I would likely have had a watch & battery that didn’t work. To “oh lawd” I am guessing you may not be “any old associate” at Wal-Mart…..door greeter or just maybe that of a higher ranking “Supervisor” possibly? You seem to know entirely too much detail.

    I’ll recommend to all I know “NEVER” buy a watch battery or any other component for that matter at a Wal-Mart. Go even further……..I’ll scream SHOP TARGET!! Clean…
    With great service & pricing!!

  4. I too received a dying CR2032 battery from the Walmart in Norwalk CA. What a shame that I paid 5.99 + tax for one battery! Going for refund or replacement.

  5. I put a battery in a watch and less than a week later it stopped working. I opened the watch and the battery was coming apart. I buy my batteries very inexpensively online, Wall Mart batteries were 4$ for a 2 pack. Go to Dollar Tree, a 4 pack is 1$.

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