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Walgreens Big Flats beer review – this beer is actually worse than Utica Club and Milwaukee’s Best (Beast beer).

Walgreens Big Flats beer review
I truly think I have found the worst tasting beer out there - Walgreens Big Flats beer!

I didn’t think there was any beer worse than Milwaukee’s best or the infamed and puke like Utica club which tastes like it’s brewed from toilet water in Utica New York, but I was wrong. Walgreens has come out with this beer that tastes like ass – they call it premium brew Big Flats beer.

Supposedly this beer has been brewed since 1901. I don’t know who’s been drinking this crap since 1901 but it’s pretty awful. It tastes like stagnant toilet water or puddle water with some skunked beer alcohol thrown in. When I grew up back in the 70s and 80s I was told that Pabst blue ribbon beer was the bottom shelf beer.

I’m sorry but Pabst blue ribbon beer is so much better than big Flats. That comparison isn’t even close. So we have to take the absolute bottom of the barrel beer here to compare here and give it a fair comparison. That would leave just Milwaukee’s best (which frat boys love to call beast beer and they do that for a reasons because it sucks) and Utica club.

I had previously never had Utica club and I didn’t even know it existed until I was given one in a local restaurant or bar in downtown Utica. After I took a couple of sips of that beer I thought they were trying to get rid of me or kill me as that beer was absolutely disgusting. It tastes like rancid toilet water.

But I must say Utica Club and Beast beer (Milwaukee’s Best) are still better than the Big Flats beer carried by Walgreens. This is a beer that is so bad it’s hard to keep it down. It wants to keep coming back out in the way of throw up and puke. This beer will make you gag.

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Walgreens Big Flats beer is definitely not the beer you want to take with you to a party or social event. The only way you would want to buy this beer is to give it to an enemy or someone you absolutely hate. I don’t think I would even give this beer to an enemy – it’s that bad. I would really have to hate someone really bad to give them a Big Flats beer.

My recommendation is definitely do not try or buy Big Flats beer from Walgreens. It is worse than any other crappy beer out there.

96 thoughts on “Walgreens Big Flats beer review – this beer is actually worse than Utica Club and Milwaukee’s Best (Beast beer).

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  2. Everyone has a right to their opinions about beer, and obviously you did not like Big Flats. That’s fine.

    But, allow me to post a different take on it. I am a home brewer who has made some good stouts, rye beers, Belgians, IPAs, and Barleywine…so I know about beer and I am not a fratboy. And, in my opinion, there is a place for inexpensive American adjunct beer. Big Flats is a fairly decent example of that offering. It is not nearly as bad as this humorously exaggerated review states. It is drinkable and non-offensive, which appeals to a lot of people. In my opinion, it is about as good as Cooks/Bud/Miller for a lot cheaper. I would rather have Dogfish Head’s 90-Minute IPA or Victory’s Prima Pils, but for a little more than 50 cents this isn’t bad with pizza or a burger.

    1. I agree. Big Flats beer does suck. It is a beer that no one that is of substance drinks. It does taste like toilet water.

      1. It’s just cheap, weak tasting beer. If you are in a pinch on a Friday or Saturday night you will drink the Big Flats beer. It ain’t that bad.

        1. Don’t listen to this guy he probably works at walgreens.. I made the awful mistake of buying this putrid piss of a beer. Trust me if you take this to a party you are going to get your ass beat. It smells like a dog that’s been outside rolling in its shit and piss it’s that bad

          1. If a beer “sucks” or tastes like “toilet water” you should be able to put it into words that a beer-knowledgeable person can understand. If you cannot, your review will not help anyone. Everyone who enjoys beer can learn about off flavors. Get a beginners brew manual or google it.

            I have detected no off flavors in Big Flats.

            I had my first Big Flats beer yesterday. I found this beer to be a bit thin and very clean and well balanced. I don’t think corn has been used as an adjunct in Big Flats but I may be wrong.

            As I progressed to my second and then third 12 oz serving I notice a buildup of gentle hop bitterness which is reminiscent of drinking the pilsner (miller lite is not what I am talking about). It is true that every beer has a purpose. It is very refreshing and I’ll be drinking this beer throughout the hot summer days in the heart of Texas if the price remains lower than other beers in the same category.

            I don’t work at Walgreens and I am a certified beer judge.


    2. Just because there is a place for this type of beer (and I agree), doesn’t mean the beer doesn’t taste like a pile of crap. No matter which way you slice it, the beer is garbage and no where close to the likes of Coors/Bud/Miller, which are pretty bad as it is.

      I’d put Coors/Bud/Miller a league above Busch/PBR, which also is roughly about a league above Natty/Beast, which is another league above Big Flats and something like Steel Reserve.

      I’d rather pay the extra dollar and get a 24pk of Busch. The extra dollar is worth not having to choke down vomit after every few sips.

    3. Sir, I too have been a homebrewer for 20 plus years and have found Big Flats to be quite tasty. I would take it to a party only so I wouldn’t have to share with anyone else. Also the price is right. Since I began homebrewing, Pabst and Black Label are the only commercial brews I drink when out at the VFW or American Legion.

      1. Obviously your taste buds are dried out and shriveled if you think Pabst and Black Label are good. What is wrong with you people???

    4. I agree with you, Phil. I was so scared to try this beer, but a friend of mine bought it out of curiosity and after making sure that it was super cold, we both popped one open. It has a faint, lager taste that goes away fast, and it doesn’t leave a rancid after taste. It’s fine when you’re low on cash and want to have a few brews. I think that people see the price and immediately make up their minds that it is going to be disgusting. That’s what I did. The only difference is I put that aside and tasted the beer, TRULY tasted it without thinking about my own biases. Sure, Guinness and the Bocks are better, but it doesn’t mean that this beer is the absolute worst. I’m sure that most of these so called “beer snobs” don’t even like the taste of dark lagers. I mean, there are Asian beers that are stranger tasting than this and they are still considered top notch. I’m sure if you gave a sample of different top class world beers to some of these people WITHOUT a label or price tag, they would say they were disgusting and taste of toilet water! LoL! People who are really looking for a review from someone that drinks many different brews, believe me, give this one a shot. It’s one you can drink in a pinch, one you can cook bratwurst and stews with and one you can take with you to a college (or highschool) party. Oh and by the way, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! There are apparently ALOT of them here. 🙂

    5. I disagree, this beer is very good ! taste fine to me, for the other beers that they mentioned are better I would disagree

      1. I bought a 6 pack of this at Walgreens and was pleasantly surprised! The price was definitely great @ $2.99 and I actually prefer it over Coors or Bud Light. It’s light for a lager so it doesn’t overpower your taste buds.
        If you don’t like lager beers then drink pilsners.
        As a former sailor I’ve drank beer from almost every country in the world.
        Some of favorites are true Dutch Heineken, ANYTHING from Germany, England, Red Stripe, and Tsing Tao.

  3. Yeah man you need to calm down. It’s not that bad. No one calls it “beast beer” and your spelling is terrible. Stop being a little girly man.

    1. It definitely IS that bad. I bought a 6pk fully expecting it to be quite near the worst thing I’ve ever drank, and I wasn’t disappointed. I choked down two, then played a mean joke on my friend by giving him one. The other three are still sitting in my fridge.

      And yes, unless you live under a rock, people call Milwaukee’s Best, Beast, or Beast beer.

      1. Beast beer is still very handy at all the frat parties at U of Chicago! When its 1am and you have no other choice, then beast or Big Flats beer comes in handy.

      2. Milwaukee’s beast, its called that here in AZ, not many people i know drink it tho, thank god. Usually the lowest end I’ll drink is Pabst only if its off tap, Busch isnt all that bad either. but anything else coors or lower, fuck that. I’d much prefer an IPA over any of them tho.

      3. You said it all in that statement. You bought it expecting it to be the worst beer you had ever had. You had your mind made up before you opened the can. I drinks a variety of beers but I drink Miller Lite mostly but honestly there isn’t much difference among most of the American lite beers. I do agree the “beast” is bad but I don’t say that because it’s cheap or because I’ve been told it’s bad. I’ve tried it several times and don’t care for it. Actually I don’t care much for Coors Light either. I expected Big Flats to be bad but I made a point to try it before judging it. I like it. It is as good as most American beers. It’s no substitute for a good bock or having a Black and Tan. But it’s a good BBQ beer. I do think it’s interesting that the most condemning reviews say it taste like toilet water, piss or ass. Keep on drinking out your toilet and licking asses to keep your reviewing skills sharp. I’ll be enjoying a Big Flats.

  4. Well I’ve been drinking beer for over 40yrs. and made my own for quite few years, that said for 3 bucks a six, it ain’t bad! let see what you can do for 50 cents a can !!

  5. Terrible review. What does “It tastes like stagnant total water or will a water” mean, anyway. Google search brought me here, but I won’t make the mistake again. Learn to write, and learn to taste. Don’t just string together trite phrases linked with bad grammar and insults. Oh, and by the way…toilet water is usually clean. Even so, most of us don’t taste it. If yours is rancid, clean your toilet!

  6. You’re an idiot, this beer is great. You’re a wishy washy fu-fu beer drinking fag. Go rave to the world that Heinaken is the best you fucker.

  7. I concur this beer tastes terrible. A friend of mine at it at a party and I made the mistake of trying it. It’s almost as bad as Genesee beer. Now that stuff is the worst!

  8. Yea, well Big Flats marketing strategy is having beer at a certain price range. Remember quality over quantity? Well it’s the other way around in this instance. That being said you already know you can fork over a couple of more bucks for better beer. But, if your cheap or broke this is your beer buddy. Rochester NY. brewing co. has got your back. Some will tolerate it some won’t. Some will say ” it ain’t that bad” others will say “WTF is this sh!t”. In the end we’ll drink better tasting beer tomorrow you curious bastards.

  9. Guys, Big Flats beer sucks. I just had some last week and it tasted like watered down piss. Anyone that wants to drink this shit is a f*&^%n moron.

      1. It’s not just that they know what piss tastes like, but that they know what WATERED DOWN piss tastes like.

        So, what, people are PISSING INTO CONTAINERS and then TAKING THE TIME TO WALK TO THE SINK to ADD freakin’ WATER?
        And then drinking it?

        What. The. Fuck. See, when one uses the phrase “tastes like WATERED DOWN piss,” and not just “tastes like piss”, it implies that one not only knows from first hand experience what piss tastes like, but that one is such a CONNOISSEUR of piss that one can even tell when it has had some other shit added to it.

        Fuck, people on the internet are gross.

  10. I found a good use for Big Flats beer – I use it as fertilizer and nourishment for my grows. The cuttings take real well to Big Flats beer and I end up getting huge buds from my indoor grows here in Queens. The beer sucks to drink, but my lovely little hybrid females absolutely love it and it must do something to make the levels of THC crazy high because I am growing the hottest stuff in Manhattan – this stuff will put you on cloud 99! If you want great bud use Big Flats, but don’t drink the stuff as it tastes rather crappy.

    1. You know what? Steve, I heard somewhere that beer helps plants to build bigger root systems. I think I read it in a journal from Cornell University. Some agricultural researchers up there used it to grow wheat and other food crops. Interesting – I was thinking of growing some ‘herbal’ plants of my own here in Chicago. I will have to research this beer thing and then maybe give it a try. Who knows, maybe this Big Flats beer from Walgreens is the fountain of bloom for indoor hydroponic marijuana plants.

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