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Walgreens pharmacy in Washington D.C. review – I keep getting shorted pills and something fishy is going on!

Walgreens pharmacy in Washington D.C. review
I used to go to Walgreens here in DC to get my prescription medication filled but then I found them routinely shorting my medications.

I used to go to the Walgreens drug store here in Washington DC to get my prescriptions filled from my doctor.  But in the past year I started noticing some problems.  My prescriptions were routinely shorted when they were filled by the Walgreens pharmacy staff.  At first it was by one or two pills, but then this amount grew as time went on to 4 or more pills.

Walgreens Store Washington
1217 22nd Street
Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20037
(202) 776-9084

When I first complained to the pharmacy staff at this Walgreens here on 22nd Street in Washington DC they told me that I discounted or that I was trying to get extra medication that was outside the prescription. They treated me like I was a thief or criminal when in fact the problem was not me it was them.

At first I thought they were making an honest mistake with miscounting the medication, but as time went on it became increasingly obvious that something fishy was going on here. it only happened with my narcotic pain medications. They never shorted the medications on cheap generic antibiotics and similar. They only shorted the amounts on pills with codeine and other legally restricted narcotics.

They were also very curt and rude whenever I brought this up to them. Then I started to make sure I would count them right in front of them before I would leave the store with the medication. Every time I counted my medication there I would end up short. and when I would tell the pharmacist about this they would say that I took the pills out and hid them on myself or in my purse.

Why would they even say such a thing? The store has surveillance cameras and security people couldn’t they see for themselves that I was being honest and their pharmacy staff was being dishonest? I asked them to see the video footage to prove that I did not do anything wrong and they did. The management there would not allow it.

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I eventually had to end up switching from Walgreens to CVS and not once have I been shorted on my medications since. I’ve since reported the staff at the Walgreens pharmacy to my doctor (whom at first thought I was being dishonest and wanted more medication, but later saw the truth that I was not the one at fault) and to the department of health. I think it is very wrong that the staff at the Walgreens pharmacy on 22nd st. here in Washington D.C. steals medication from those that need it.

I do not know what they do with these medications. Maybe they sell them or maybe they use them themselves I do not know, but whatever the purpose or reason it is wrong and illegal. Someone needs to look into this to make this stop. If I were you I would avoid the pharmacy at this Washington D.C. Wlagreens location else they might short your prescription medications like they did to me on numerous occasions.

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