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Walmart deli workers and racism complaint – these are some of the rudest Wal-Mart employees I have ever seen!

Walmart deli workers and racism complaint
I was subjected to obvious reverse racism by the two black ladies behind the counter of my local Wal-Mart!

I went to the Wal-Mart on North Tryon Street in Charlotte, NC the other day to get some various groceries and I ran into some of the rudest employees I’ve ever had to deal with.  It all happened when I went to the deli counter to get some sliced deli meat.  I was the only customer waiting at the counter so you think things would be quick and easy, right?  Not at all.

I think it was a case of reverse racism.  I am a white lady.  The two ladies behind the counter are black ladies.  The one just kept wrapping meats and completely ignored me.  The other one came out from behind the closed doors, saw me made a loud sigh and turned around and disappeared behind the closed doors.

After about 10 minutes of waiting I asked the lady that was still taking her dear old time very, very slowly wrapping different meats two or three times (I am sure she was hoping I would take a hint and just go away) if I could get a pound of ham and a pound of turkey breast.  She looked at me and gave me a very dirty look and then turn right back to what she was doing.

Apparently I was not going to get any service at this Walmart deli.  I finally had enough and walked away to the vegetables area, but I was still in plain sight of the deli counter.  As soon as I have walked away a black lady walked up to the deli counter.  I noticed that the black lady that was wrapping meats immediately stopped what she was doing and went to help the new customer with her deli order.

Then another black lady and her small family when up to the counter to order some deli meats.  the lady behind the counter because she was busy with the first customer bill back to the other black lady to come out and give her a hand.  They looked to both be helping their customers and being courteous to them.

Why couldn’t they have helped me?  Was it because of the color of my skin?  I hadn’t done anything to deserve this kind of rude treatment by the deli staff at this Wal-Mart store on North Tryon street.  I think that is very wrong to treat people rudely based solely upon the color of their skin.  If the roles had been reversed and I had treated them in the exact same manner that they had treated me they would’ve rushed right out to get the NAACP and an attorney and start a civil right’s violation lawsuit.

I will think twice before I go back to that Wal-Mart every again.  I know I deserve to be treated better than that.  Racism is wrong in any context and it definitely occured to me that day by the two black ladies behind the deli counter at Wal-Mart.  Or maybe next time I will come back with my video camera and tape this racism and post it on YouTube for all of the world to see!  I will definitely be telling this to the others at the law firm I work at…

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