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Want to ward off the common cold and the flu? Drink green tea!

It’s really that simple. Scientists and researchers will tell you that it’s due to the flavonoids and other similar chemical compounds that are contained in high amounts in green tea, but from my own perspective I can tell you regardless that green tea is very effective in fighting off the common cold and flu. By nature I am the sickliest member of my family. I am almost always getting sick. The only time I’m not getting sick is during the summer from June to August. The rest of the year from September until May I am costly coming down with some kind of cold, the flu, bronchitis, sinusitis and even pneumonia sometimes.

Then a few years back that all changed. I read up on how researchers found out that green tea was showing marked effects on both bolstering the body’s immune system and defense against common colds and the flu and how it would also have an effect on weakening the viruses and bacteria that cause these sicknesses and diseases. After reading this I decided to start trying green tea which I had never drank before because I really wasn’t a tea drinker. I found that if I faithfully drank green tea (decaffeinated of course) before going to bed every night that I was no longer getting sick.

At first I thought this was a fluke, but then I went a whole year without once getting sick. That was the first time that’s ever happened for me. it used to be that I would get sick 2 to 4 times in the fall to the winter and then another 2 to 4 times in the spring. Sometimes it would just be the common cold last few days and other times it could be the flu ending up with pneumonia, bronchitis or sinusitis. I’ve been drinking green tea now for over three years and I’ve only gotten sick one time and that was when I got busy with personal stuff and just stopped drinking the green tea for about a month – you better believe I won’t forget that ever again!

green tea for colds

I have since told my story to doctors, nurses and anyone that will listen and they all say the same thing that it’s just a fluke and that green tea is not that effective against the common cold and the flu. Some even have referenced the FDA and say that if its not backed by the FDA as being medically approved for that purpose then it must not be effective. I don’t really care because the FDA has approved thousands of drugs that have harmed or killed Americans. All one has to do is watch late-night television and you will be bombarded by advertisements for various law firms and mass tort lawsuits that are involved in class-action cases where bad drugs were approved and prescribed resulting in miscarriages, birth effects and even death.

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You will not see a one of these that involves green tea. Why? Because it is a healthy drink that has been used for thousands of years starting with the Chinese and and it is used for many different herbal properties. Some of them are that they increase your cardiovascular health, reduce fat, lose weight, improve the health of your nervous system, etc… I can’t vouch for any of these other claims as I am not a scientist nor am I a researcher, but I can certainly tell you from my own experience that there is at a huge, marked difference in my health and my ability to fight off various sicknesses and diseases (like the common cold and the flu) when I am drinking green tea every night.

Walmart green tea

And unlike all these expensive remedies hawked in TV commercials (many of which I’ve tried with poor results), green tea is cheap and widely available for $2 to $4 for a box of 20 to 40 or more tea bags. As I’ve found, the price is heavily dependent upon brand and there is absolutely no difference in effectiveness between more expensive brands and less expensive non-brand versions (like Walmart’s Great Value brand which is among the cheapest and the one that I use). Any green tea works and will help ward off the common cold and flu.

Give it a try. Green tea works wonders for me and has greatly reduced my instances of getting sick. Even when my family members are all sick I still don’t get sick as long as I faithfully drink green tea every night. So, give it a shot and drink some green tea – it can only help you.

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