Wendys Natural Cut Fries Review – These fries are no different than their old ones and still are terrible

Wendys natural cut fries suck

I had seen a lot of advertisements for Wendys new natural cut fries with sea salt. I wasn’t a big fan of their old fries but thought since they changed them they might be better. I had heard some good reviews from some friends about how they were good so I decided to give them a try.

So I got there about lunch time and there was a bit of a line. I wasn’t too surprised since it was right at the lunch hour. It gave me a little time to decided what I wanted to eat anyways. I decided to get the spicy chicken sandwich meal.

When I got my order I paid particular attention to the fries because they were supposed to be completely remade, and much better. Looking at them they appeared to look exactly the same. I was a bit surprised by that but I figured I shouldn’t judge them before I ate them.

I sat down at a table in the back of the restaurant and began eat my meal. I immediately dug into the new Wendys natural cut sea salt fries. I was sad to say that they tasted exactly the same as the old fries. I was very disappointed. Not to mention their old fries are terrible.

I think Wendys just advertised new natural cut fries to boost revenues and kept the exact french fry recipe. This was such a rip-off and a clear cut example of false advertising. I went out of my way to eat soggy fries.

I will not be going back to Wendys any time soon after this disappointing experience. They lied about getting new fries and their food is still poor quality like it was before. For anyone thinking about trying Wendys new natural cut fries don’t bother. They taste the same as they always do, disgusting .

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