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Wendys restaurant food review – there was hair in my french fries.

Wendys restaurant french fries review
Wendy's french fries had hair in them, but the manager did apologize and refund me for the fries, though.

Went to Wendy’s a few weeks ago with some friends to get some fast food. I tend to pass on the hamburgers and cheeseburgers because they’re so fatty and greasy. This time that I was there I ordered the Wendy’s grilled chicken meal. It comes with the grilled chicken sandwich, Wendy’s french fries in my choice of a soft drink – I chose the lemonade.

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We have a pretty crowded Wendy’s that I go to and sometimes you have to wait 10 or 15 minutes in line to get your food. That day service was rather quick I got my meal in like one minute. So I sat down with friends and started eating. The grilled chicken sandwich was good and so was the lemonade.

The fries at Wendy’s restaurants are not known to be awesome, just decent and kind of soggy. That’s exactly the way they were like on the day in question. And then I noticed as I was reading these fries that there was hair in there amongst the fries. OMG – that was just so disgusting.




One of the Wendy’s employees hair had ended up in my fries! I almost felt like throwing up. I will back to the Wendy’s counter and showed the manager my fries with the hair in it. I must admit though, he was pleasant and apologized, and then refunded me for the french fries.

wendys fries with hair in them
Here are the Wendy's fries with hair in them.

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It was kind of gross to have someone’s hair in my food, but I guess that could happen by accident or something similar. Everyone makes mistakes and this kind of thing just tends to happen sometimes. The manager did apologize for what happened and tried to make things right.

SO, even though it was gross, I will get over it and I’m not going to rule out or bash Wendy’s over some hair in my french fries.

5 thoughts on “Wendys restaurant food review – there was hair in my french fries.

  1. That’s gross, but it could have been worse. There was a used condom in my french fries at Wendy’s last year. Now that is so nasty it takes the cake. I will never ever eat at a Wendy’s after having that done to me.

  2. Okay, so I can relate to this review first hand. The same thing happened to me at Wendy’s. A black curly hair was found in my french fries and needless to say, my stomach went fryless. I don’t know where that fry came from (whether person, or on the body), but I do not want to find out. In my opinion, Wendy’s fries aren’t that tasty to begin with, so my transition to a non-Wendy’s-fry diet wasn’t so hard.

  3. I am never going to Wendy’s again. Last year, I got a Frosty there since I wasn’t really too hungry to begin with. My mother ordered a sandwich, and had a good ‘ol time eating it. I ate my frosty, and two hours later I was spending all night in the bathroom puking, with food poisoning.

    Another time, when my sister ordered her French fries, she got a really dirty look as if to say “Goodness, how much food are you going to get?” By the time her fries were done they were cold and a shiny black curly hair that appeared to be a pubic hair was sticking out. As she saw this, she dumped out her fries and several more hairs of the same type fell out. It was disgusting! Upon seeing this I spit all my food out and I felt ill.

    A few weeks ago I found a two inch long chicken bone in my baby cousin’s Nugget! He’s only four, and surely would’ve choked if I hadn’t decided to cut the nuggets up for him, since they were too hot for him to pick up.

    Last night my Granddad (who NEVER gets angry) came home disgruntled. He said he was at Wendy’s, when he ordered food. The employee at the pickup window said just to “Wait about 3-5 minutes for the fries to finish cooking,” and “It should only take a little while, they’re almost done.” He ended up waiting over 15 minutes in the parking lot, and had gone in several times to check in. By the time he came back home they were ice cold.

    I will NEVER. EVER. Go there again.

  4. I went to Wendys yesterday and ordered a caramel apple parfait. As I was eating it I noticed something black inside the apple skin, so I decided to take a closer look. It was a dead fruit fly in my apple….gross. I complained and they gave me my money back. I will not go to wendys ever again.

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