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West Nile Virus – it is deadlier then ever and could it be a biological weapon that accidentally got out?

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Have you heard about the latest “tweak” or development with the West Nile Virus? It is affecting every state from Texas up to Maine and Connecticut (the birth place of another governmental biological weapon that was released accidentally from the infamous Plum Island research center – Lyme disease). The created pig or swine flu from several years ago was accidentally released in Wisconsin and then in Mexico as a cover up. This new version of West Nile Virus is far deadlier then any other previous version as it turns into the deadly neuro invasive west nile virus version in 56% of cases.

That means a whole lot more people will get very sick and die this time around. Now, if you didn’t already know, viruses like the West Nile virus or more well known influenza viruses do recombine constantly to form new strains. The difference, however, is that in the case of Lyme disease and similarly with this new West Nile virus strain that is heavily predominant in Dallas Texas, we are seeing combinations that have never occurred before and that do not happen or have not happened in nature.

How could they happen then? In government research labs like those on Plum Island. The government states that Plum Island is strictly an animal disease research facility for low danger viruses and diseases. Yet they have more security on that island than any other biological research facility in the United States. That has two problems – 1) it doesn’t make sense, and 2) it points to the fact that this facility off the coast of Long Island has a lot more going on there than the government wishes for us to know.

Just go to any regular animal disease research facility. You can go on a tour, park right next to it and interact with the researchers and staff in a pleasant way. Now try and go to Plum Island. You have to take a boat and you will not get within a half-mile of the island from any direction without serious warnings from heavily armed government boats in the security staff. Why so much protection for an island that only does animal virus research? Any college campus like Cornell University in Ithaca New York and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has all sorts of animal disease research going on to include the mad cow disease which the government says it is researching on Plum Island – yet they don’t have any of the security that Plum Island does – why? Because there is actual biochemical weapon research going on there.

Lyme disease had its first outbreak in Lyme Connecticut which is just rate across the Long Island sound. Lyme disease was an unnatural recombination that has never preexisted in nature nor has there ever been anything close to it. Then you have the fact that this is a new strain of West Nile virus that is far deadlier then any other pre-existing strain of West Nile virus. It used to be that the worst versions had a less then 1% risk of the virus turning into the fatal neuro invasive version. Now, upwards of 56% or more of those that contract the disease come down with this deadly version.

Why is it so deadly and why now? Especially when we have never had a more than 1% deadly version? And with the fact that it was only recently released that our lovely government was in fact messing with the deadly bird flu and actually admitted to making a deadly, airborne strain of it just to see if they could do it – with the fact that our government is always leaking out diseases and viruses (Lyme disease, Ebola in the late 1990′s, etc…) it is not a good sign that our government has its citizens health as one of its concerns.

The West Nile virus is simply another case of our government messing with nature in ways God never intended. Both the swine and bird flu have been proven tampered with by our government. Whether they are trying to shrink the population as many are contemplating or whether they are just trying to perfect the ultimate biological warfare weapon, this is research gone awry and there needs to be oversight into this. If left unchecked there will be many more deaths – possibly even millions as these diseases pass around and wreak havoc across America and possibly even the world.

Question your state leaders on this and other issues. Get involved and tell them you don’t want deadly research like this in America. All it takes is for a nasty and virulent version of any of these diseases they are recombining to get out – and yes they do get out several times each and every year – and millions could potentially die. The recombined bird flu that is airborne transmissible is similar to the 1918 Spanish flu that killed 18 million people (probably millions more in underdeveloped countries where little is done to count their citizens) except with one big difference.

The 1918 Spanish flu had a 5-10% mortality rate. The airborne bird flu has an upwards of 80% or higher mortality rate. Can you see the difference? This bug is far deadlier and today would easily result in billions of deaths around the world. Why do we let our government do research like this that could easily kill all of us? Make your voice heard. Get involved and call your state and federal representatives. Tell them you want no research on US soil or elsewhere into deadly diseases that never before existed in nature. Tell them you want universal healthcare – it’s a must and needs to happen. Tell them you won’t stand for corruption.

Take a stand and make a difference. US citizens are needlessly dying from this wanton research into viruses and diseases like the creation of Lyme disease and the new deadlier West Nile Virus strain. Stop the government before they create the deadliest virus in history and it gets out (as of right now the airborne bird flu the government admitted to creating in a lab (most likely the Plum Island facility as it has some of the greatest security of their US facilities) is the deadliest virus known to mankind and its only a matter of time before it gets out and starts to reek havoc on humankind all over the earth.

Take a stand and make a difference – every person counts. As I said – tell every politician you can – especially those in Washington – that you are against this deadly US government sponsored research and want it ended. Tell them also that you want national healthcare – it is a must. Make a difference and take back America from the corrupt politicians that are ruining our country for their own personal interests and similar.

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