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Western Digital Hard Drive Review – My hard drive crashed and I lost all my data

I was upset that I lost all my data on my hard drive because it crashed

I have a lot of data I keep on my external drive for both work and my personal life. I have important documents, pictures, videos, as well as personal pictures and videos of my family on my Western Digital Hard Drive.

I have had it for about a year now and I had been very happy with it. I have had no issues with until one day when I opened it up on my computer. It took a little longer to pull up for some reason but I wasn’t too worried. It would occasionally have slower days, and blamed it more on my computer.

However, this time it was different. It seemed to have frozen up when I tried to open it up. I was locked out my hard drive and had no way to accessing the data. I did the sensible thing and ejected the Western Digital Hard Drive, and tried to reconnect to my computer.

It didn’t reconnect though. After trying to restart my computer and trying everything under the sun as well as trying to connect it to other computers it just wouldn’t work. Frustrated because there was a lot of important information on there I contacted Western Digital to see what they could do about it.

They said it was still under warranty and they would replace it at no cost. I was happy about that, but they said there was nothing they could do about the data on there. If it was not backed up somewhere else (which it wasn’t) it was lost forever.

I reluctantly took the new Western Digital Hard Drive, and had to start over with storing data on there. It was good that Western Digital would replace my hard drive but I wish I didn’t have to lose all my important information in the process. I would recommend a Western Digital Hard Drive, but be sure to back up your data elsewhere if it is important.

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