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Wet Willies Bar Review – the drinks were good but the employees were drunk on the job and it was overpriced

The bartenders at Wet Willies drink on the job.

I was in Columbia South Carolina to visit a relative of mine and we decided to go out for a few drinks downtown. There was a ton of bars on the main stretch but it was a hot day so we decided to go to Wet Willies to grab a frozen drink to cool off and relax.

I was excited because I had never been before but supposedly they had good drinks and a unique atmosphere. We got there a little early for anyone to really be out drinking so it was pretty slow to start. The bar tender approached us asked what we wanted, however I needed to see a menu since it was my first time there.

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They had a pretty good amount of frozen drinks. You could even mix and match your drinks to get whatever combination you wanted which was pretty cool. However I was pretty boring so I just went with a strawberry frozen drink. My friend got one of the mixed flavors to be a little more adventurous.

The prices were a bit high though. it was 6 dollars for a small 7 for a medium and 8 for a large. The sizes weren’t really that different, but we each got mediums. I was a bit disappointed by how expensive the drinks were, but i guess you get what you pay for, and what we were getting was something unique. The drinks were pretty good I must say. There was a good amount of alcohol in there, but not too much to overpower strawberry flavors in there.

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As we were sitting there we noticed a few of the bartenders off the side taking shots and sipping on frozen alcoholic drinks in unmarked cups. It appeared as if they were drinking on the job and did not give a very professional look to the Wet Willies establishment. I did noticed our bartender to be acting a little our of the ordinary and I guess I know why.

I would go back to Wet Willies but only on occasions. The drink prices were a bit high and I didn’t like that the employees were able to drink on the job and were in fact taking advantage of poor manager supervision. It was very unprofessional. Maybe the next time I want to drink during the day when its hot I may be back.

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