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White Plains Airport Complaint – This is the worst airport I’ve ever traveled through

I had a horrible experience at the White Plains Airport

I was flying back from a business trip in New York, and I flew out of White Plains to save a couple of bucks. When I had flown into the airport I had no problems at all. I got right off the plane and right out. I expected the same experience when flying back home.

I got to the airport about 90 minutes before my flight took off and it was complete chaos inside. There were people running every which way, but I wasn’t too worried about finding my way around. I had flown out of many airports before, and they were all set up pretty much the same. This one however was not.

I could not find the proper place to go through security. There were no signs and no clear place where people were flowing into the terminal. All I could see was the baggage claim and car rental providers. Since it is only a single story airport it had to fit everything on a single floor.

I finally had to ask an employee where I needed to go and she pointed me in the right direction. I am a pretty experienced traveler and felt really embarrassed to have to ask someone where to go.

I then proceeded through security. I had no trouble with this section of the airport. There wasn’t much of a line so I went right through with problems. After putting on my shoes and collecting my bags I was shocked with what I saw next.

I walked into the terminal area and it looked more like a bus terminal than an airport terminal. I am not exaggerating when I say that this terminal was no larger than a 30X30 room. Every single flight took off from this location and this room was jam packed with people.

I looked for my gate and couldn’t find it. There were only four gates so I thought maybe I entered in the wrong area and needed to exit and go somewhere else. I then asked an employee again if my flight takes off in a different location and he explained that all flights take off from this area.

Very befuddled I turned away tried to find a seat. I had no luck though. Every single seat in this terminal was taken up so I was forced to sit on the floor. With over an hour until my flight took off I had to sit on the floor. This was just awful.

After sitting down on the floor I started to get a little hungry. Every airport I have been to has many shops and restaurants everywhere. I got up and looked around to find that there was nothing but vending machines. Seriously? Only vending machines? This was a bit ridiculous. I decided I would just have to wait until I got to eat.

On top of all this my flight was delayed an hour. Fortunately the terminal cleared a little and I was able to grab a seat later on. I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous how bad this airport was. The only redeeming quality of this airport was the free Wi-Fi Internet. I was able to get some work done while I sat uncomfortably on the floor.

Next time I fly I will definitely choose my flight a little more carefully. I will avoid the While Plains airport at all costs. I’d much rather fly trough a larger airport than a tiny one again.

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