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Why you should be juicing green, leafy vegetables and wheatgrass

Healthy green juice

If you haven’t been watching the latest documentaries on the healthcare crisis and your individual health, then you need to start doing that.  Even TEDx, one of the world’s leading symposiums of great educated speakers, has a plethora of events and speeches that are very educational and that will probably blow your mind about what’s really good for you and what’s not and what’s being publicized wrongly.

There are websites out there which are bought and paid for by the largest hospital chains and pharmaceutical companies whom are only interested in profits and their bottom line.  One of those websites and associated magazines is WebMD.  If you look at their website and search for things like juicing wheatgrass, which by the way has been proven to be one of the best treatments out there for all kinds of ailments, and they will say there’s no clinical proof that it works or should even be used.

Do you know why that is?  The answer is simple their most profitable treatment is chemotherapy.  Why on earth would they want to give you or tell you about a treatment that is more effective and that you can grow in your own backyard?  The problem here is there’s no profit for the hospitals (like Carolinas Healthcare System which makes sure every waiting room has WebMD and not much else) and the large pharmaceutical companies. So they don’t want you to know the truth.

This is all it takes to take back your health – one glass of green juice per day!

The truth here is simple – juicing dark green leafy vegetables increases your body’s absorption of nutrients and minerals by upwards of 90% over eating the same leafy matter.  Now what’s special with dark green leafy material like spinach, kale, wheatgrass and barley grass is that they’re full of chlorophyll.  They have much more of this than any other plant out there except for wild grown clover and alfalfa and maybe chlorella or algae (which are too difficult to grow for an individual’s consumption).

Chlorophyll in numerous experiments and in research that the healthcare industry does not want you to get a hold of (they don’t help publicize findings that are not in agreement with their profits) clearly show that chlorophyll kills cancer and disease.  You heard that right – it kills it!  What does that mean for you?  Well eating vegetables like corn and potatoes are okay, there is no comparison to eating spinach, kale and wheatgrass.

Green vegetables, and especially dark green leafy vegetables, have very high concentrations of chlorophyll.  By juicing this you are greatly increasing the amount of chlorophyll you’re taking into your body.  For instance, a 10 to 12 ounce glass of fresh juiced wheatgrass contains more vitamins, nutrients and chlorophyll then over 180 salads.  This is why when people drink green juice they sometimes feel tingling in their scalp or throughout their body.  This is due to a number wonderful property of chlorophyll and high chlorophyll greens – it cleanses the body.

It may not look great, but when you know how healthy it is and that it can and does actually kill cancer, you will quickly want to make green juice a part of your daily regimen.

You heard that right.  It cleanses out the body.  What that means is it dissolves and removes deposits like plaque and chlorophyll that do accumulate in the veins and arteries of our bodies over time.  As these veins and arteries become clear so do the capillaries that are attached to them.  The capillaries are actually the first parts of your body to clog from poor nutrition.  People that drink green juice tend to feel a tingling throughout their body of areas where the capillaries were clogged.  As the capillaries start to become cleared out sensation becomes improved throughout the body.

Research has shown that in men it tends to be the scalp area.  Reduced circulation to the scalp has been proven to be an indicator in male pattern baldness.  By drinking green juice it has been clinically proven to increase blood flow to the scalp and two other appendices of the body.  Another great affect of green juice is improved circulation to the legs and the arms.  This has been shown and clinically proven to help diabetic patients whom are prone to poor circulation especially in their legs, feet and toes.

There are documentaries you can watch on Netflix, YouTube and other places on the Internet that will show you example after example of people that have either radically reduced their cancer related diseases or altogether cured themselves of cancer due to a change in diet by adding juicing of dark leafy greens like wheatgrass, barleygrass and others.

A great documentary on juicing vegetables and a great story of one man’s journey on taking back his health.

There was a story I saw on one of these documentaries of a lady that had stage IV breast cancer and cervical cancer that had spread throughout her body.  She decided to change her diet and went to a diet completely of juicing green vegetables.  Her cancer disappeared and she still live today.  The interesting part here is she never took chemotherapy because she saw how horrible chemo is and what it does to people – it can actually kill you and as it’s been said one treatment of chemo takes five years on average off your life.  She didn’t want to go through that and instead she found a way to greatly increase her health, literally kill her cancer, and live a longer happier life – she juices wheatgrass daily.

In one of these documentaries there was a veterinarian over in England that was using wheatgrass juice to treat dogs with tumors.  He was having such great success with this (almost 100% of the dogs tumors shrunk and/or disappeared) that he got sued by the pharmaceutical industry over in England because they did not want this information to get out to the public.  Just another instance of where big Pharma and big medicine (massive non for profit hospital chains like Carolinas healthcare system) is clearly looking out for their own self interests (by the way, the CEO of Carolinas healthcare system, Michael Tarwater is slated to make over $10 million this year including his bonuses and perks – and yet they are a non-for profit…)

That’s right, so can you imagine what a tall glass of 10-12 ounces of green juice will do for you once per day?

There are so many documentaries out there that are great and they show you how our diet especially in America today is terrible.  We lots of cancer-causing red meats, very little vegetables (the average American eats less than 30% of the US required daily allotment of vegetables), and tons of sugar and bad fats.  If you are having issues with your health and I don’t wish that on anybody to be in that situation, but if that’s you you may want to start reading up on juicing wheatgrass and dark leafy vegetables.  You will be amazed at what you find.

The added nutritional value, the fact that you will be cleansing your body of all the crap you put in it throughout your life, the fact that leafy green vegetables are high in chlorophyll which is proven beyond a shadow it out to kill cancer, the improved circulation, improved health, etc… Should be something that grabs you and says, “hey, you need to be trying this!”  Watch some of those documentaries and then be sure and tell other people about this.  Improve your health and improve the health of those around you.

They say one person cannot make a change.  I say hogwash.  We can take back our health from the greed stricken CEOs of big Pharma and big medicine.  We can take back our health from corrupt CEOs like Michael Tarwater of Carolina’s Healthcare Syatems.  We can use today’s social system to spread real news about what really works to increase health, treat and cure cancer and greatly decrease the cost of healthcare today.

Yep – what I just said – green juice kills cancer. This alone should make everyone want to start trying it out.

Learn what you can about drinking green juice and about juicing wheatgrass or other dark leafy greens.  There really is something to it.  The stuff works and I know it because I drink it myself and I make it every single day.  I used to have numerous health issues.  Then I learned through these documentaries on Netflix about how healthy juicing vegetables can be.  I lost about 20 pounds over a four-month period and my health increased dramatically.

My doctors cannot believe that my body’s health has reverted back 10 to 15 years or more.  And you know what don’t even take my word for it – watch the documentaries out there!  They are free and they will show you that juicing dark green leafy vegetables works.  They will also show you how sad the state of health is right now in America.  People are literally eating themselves to death.  This is also why are healthcare costs and insurance are rising at astronomical rates (the healthcare bubble will be one of the next bubbles to burst and will have catastrophic effects to the economy and more).

Be driven with determination and take back your health into your own hands.  Don’t let big hospital chains and big pharmaceutical companies dictate to you what is healthy when it really only drives their profits and obscene wealth.  Look in the juicing wheatgrass and other vegetables and watch what happens to your health and more.

Below are several great videos on growing and juicing wheatgrass for better health that everyone should watch:


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