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Wild Wing Cafe Charlotte NC Review – This university area bar has horrible service

Wild Wing Cafe has horrible service. Don't go there if you are in a hurry.

So it was St. Paddy’s Day and myself and a few friends wanted to go out for a few drinks. We saw that Wild Wing Cafe in the University area in Charlotte NC had some good specials so we decided to head out there to grab a few drinks.

We got there about 10 and the place was pretty crowded. I was surprised that almost all the tables were full so early, but I guess people drink harder on this Irish holiday. We were lucky and scouted out the last open table in the back of the restaurant so the four of us could sit down.

They were advertising “green” beer so we all wanted a round of that. When we placed our order with our waiter, he said they were out of green beer but could get us regular Bud Light. If that is your special how do you run out on St Paddy’s day? That is ridiculous.

It took an extremely long time for us to get our first round of beers. We probably waited a good 15 minutes before we were served our drinks. I understand that it was crowded but that is just too long in my opinion. It doesn’t take much to pour a few draft beers.

We decided on splitting some appetizers, and get a round of Irish Car Bombs. Those were also on special at $4 which is competitive I think. However these round of shots took forever to get here. I understand why the food may have taken longer because they had to cook it, but again it’s not that hard to make a few drinks.

When we got our shots they gave us the glass of Guinness in a regular glass. However they gave us plastic shot cups instead of the regular shot glass. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first but I realized that when it was time to drop the shot into the Guinness they cup floated on top of the beer. I was forced to use my hands to force it down, but was just a huge mess in the end. I was very unhappy with my Irish Car Bomb I got from Wild Wing Cafe.

So the four of us were drinking and having a good time until about 11 when a live band came up and preformed. I usually like live music, but this just didn’t seem like the right setting for it. The room wasn’t very big and it was just too loud. You couldn’t even hear the person sitting next to you without screaming in their ear. It was very annoying.

Thankfully they stopped around 12 and we were able to give our ears a bit of a rest. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to Wild Wing Cafe any time soon. I was very disappointed with my experience there. They had horribly slow service, music that was obnoxiously loud, and poor shot mixes. Maybe next time I will try Bad Dogs down the road in the University area of Charlotte NC.

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