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Words With Friends Phone App Review – this scrabble application is a great way to connect with friends and play a classic board game

I really have enjoyed the words with friends applications.


I just got an iphone since they became available on Verizon and have been downloading various applications to see which ones I like. I stumbled upon the application Words With Friends and decided to download it since I’ve always enjoyed playing scrabble.

I started just using the feature of playing games with a person in the same room with you. It had pretty good features. Keeping track of what are and are not words. There are never really any problems like with the traditional board game about arguing if words are real words. It really speeds the game up, and takes the controversy out of it.

After playing a few games with my friend that was with me I decided to go on and look at the multiplayer options from phone to phone. I typed in my friend’s screen name on the screen name search and started a game up right away.




It was pretty cool that you could start a game up right away just like that. I put a word in and went on with my daily activities. I got a message a little while later saying my friend played his word. We went back and forth at our own pace throughout the day which was a really nice feature. There was no rush, and whenever we got a minute to play a word we could play.

It was really a nice luxury. I now have had a few games going with some friends and really helps me connect with people I wouldn’t normally talk to. I know that I have been playing with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

I would definitely recommend this application if you like to play scrabble and have a smart phone. It is a good way to connect with friends, and makes playing scrabble a lot easier. It’s easy and keep score for you, corrects words that aren’t really words, and is just a great application. I can see myself spending a lot of time using this application.

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