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Zombie Strippers movie review – lots of boobs and Jenna Jameson, but not much else

Zombie Strippers movie review
I downloaded the movie Zombie Strippers and let me tell you there wasn't much besides lots of boobs - the plot and acting was terrible!

I downloaded another zombie movie the other day through my VPN. I like Zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland and others. There’s something intriguing and interesting about the undead. The movie was called Zombie Strippers and it featured Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz (her boyfriend and past UFC mma fighter well known for throwing fights for cash).

The movie, I found out, was in Spanish, not English. Somehow I had chosen the wrong version through KickAss Torrents (my favorite downloading website). That actually was alright as the movie had terrible acting and you could clearly understand everything from beginning to end without knowing a lick of Spanish.

Basically, in a nut shell, there was a government created disease or virus that was contained in a lab. This virus or disease caused people to die and then become zombies. Then this virus inevitably got out as all diseases researched in government labs do (just look at the infamous Plum Island and Lyme disease). For the first half of the movie or so the zombies were typical mindless zombies craving human flesh and blood. Then Jenna Jameson gets bitten in the throat by a zombie, dies and becomes the first talking and interactive zombie stripper.

Apparently these zombie strippers can interact with each other, have drama and more. It’s really wacky. Also of interest is that Tito Ortiz (Jenna Jameson’s boytoy) is the bouncer at the strip club. The zombie strippers grow and grow until things finally get way out of control towards the end of the movie. The zombies strippers start fighting with one another over control and Jenna’s character gets really awful looking. She is only hot for the part of the movie before she becomes a undead zombie.

Then it gets really corny and weird like when Jenna’s character shoots golf balls and even billiard balls out of her vagina at the other female zombie. That is just weird. The movie is definitely not a A or B rated movie. It’s probably not even a C rated movie. I would have to rate Zombie Strippers as a D. And if it weren’t for the nice boobs and such at the beginning then I would rate it even lower.

Just watch it for the first 40 minutes or so to see Jenna Jameson do some stripping along with the other girls. After that it all goes downhill and sucks. It might be a good movie to watch while stoned or drunk – that is about it. I am glad that I downloaded it for free with my VPN and didn’t have to pay for it…

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